To ensure your smooth departure, you should check your airline’s exact weight allowances in advance and observe the information on hand luggage and oversize baggage and the transportation of animals. You can find useful tips in the flight baggage information before checking in your baggage.

Please note that you should only have one item of hand luggage and it must meet the EU safety regulations. There are no international standards regarding the size and dimensions of on-board luggage and hand luggage. The weight and dimensions may vary depending on the airline, class and route. 

If you are missing items of luggage, please proceed to the lost property office or a Lost&Found counter at Vienna Airport. 

Our baggage services are available at two Baggage Service Centres at Vienna Airport. You can receive assistance with baggage storage, customs deposits and other services at these centres. 


  • Mark your baggage clearly with your name and address.

  • Carry valuable objects, important documents and medication in your hand luggage!

  • Lock your bags and secure them if necessary with a strap or padlock.

  • Remove luggage tags from earlier trips - they confuse the luggage recognition system and increase the chance that your luggage will be misrouted.


Details regarding the baggage allowance can be found on your ticket, or else you can ask your airline.

Oversize baggage (e.g. surfboards, musical instruments, bicycles, trunks, etc.) and animals are accepted, but you should ask your airline about the costs involved.

Oversize baggage and larger animals must be checked in at the oversize baggage counter.

Please enquire at the check-in as to how to proceed.

Cats and small animals may be transported in your hand luggage. Please enquire in good time with your airline and note the veterinary and legal provisions.

You may take only one piece of hand luggage with you on board. As there are no international standards regarding the size and dimensions of hand luggage, you should enquire with your airline.

According to the EU regulation there are a number of dangerous items that may not be taken on board. Check in good time what may be taken on board and what items are prohibited.

Are you missing items of luggage on arrival? Please proceed to the Airport Lost & Found-counter in the baggage claim hall.
Have you mislaid something in the airport? Have you lost an item in the terminals, on the grounds (e.g. multi-storey car parks), on the CAT or on arriving aircraft,  please register your loss report.

Dangerous Goods are articles or substances that pose a possible risk to health, safety, property or the environment. Special conditions apply for the transportation of these articles.   

Details on the transport conditions can be found in the IATA table 2.3 A

This is a broad overview. Please contact the respective airline for detailed transport conditions.


You can book baggage services at any Airport Services Counter.

The Airport Services Counters are located in the check-in areas of terminal 1 and terminal 3 as well as the arrival area.

Opening hours:  05:30 til 23:30




If you have to leave items of baggage at the airport for security reasons or you want to enjoy the offerings of the City of Vienna in a „care-free“ manner, then you have come to the right place.

Simply leave your baggage with us. The maximum storage period is 18 months.


  • € 5.00 per hand baggage item per day
  • € 10.00 per Check-in baggage item per day

Safe deposit boxes are available to passengers in the left luggage areas for documents, keys, etc., which they do not need on their trip. On request documents can also be left in a safe for collection by named persons.

Fee: € 6,00 per day

The following must not be stored:

  • Weapons

  • Explosive, inflammable or other dangerous materials

  • Perishable and malodorous items

If you don’t feel like lugging suitcases around, simply leave it to us. The Porter Service can help you.

Porter services can be requested via the following email address, at least 72 hrs before departure

Or book directly in our web shop.

Porter fee:
  • online booking fee € 40,00 (3 bags included), every additional bag € 3,50
  • Airport booking fee (no online reservation) € 50,00 (3 bags included), every additional bag € 3,50
In order to avoid waiting times at the airport, please book your porter service online. 

We offer a wardrobe service for storing clothes. One set of clothes consists of:
  • 1 jacket or coat
  • Shoes
  • Headgear
  • Gloves and a scarf.
Fee: € 2,00 per day and set of clothes
Your baggage will be wrapped in safety film which protects your baggage against damage, moisture and theft of contents. This service is available at both baggage corners in terminal 1 and terminal 3.

Fee: € 15,00 per item


  • € 7,00 per hand baggage per day
  • € 12,00 per check-in baggage per day