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Are you travelling with a navigation device? Use the following data to find the airport:



Company: Flughafen Wien

Street: Einfahrtsstraße

Post code: 1300, Place: Vienna Airport

N 48°7'29''

E 16°33'27''

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Innovative camera systems have been installed along the stretch of the A4 Ost-Autobahn motorway in the area of the traffic intersection Prater as far as Vienna Airport. These cameras calculate the average travelling time that vehicles need to cover these sections of the route.

Check the table below for the actual travel times for the route that is relevant to you.

Last updated: 16/08/2018 06:09:02
Actual travel time
A4: Knoten Prater - Flughafen Wien
No data
12 km
A4: Flughafen Wien - Knoten Prater
No data
12 km

If you are travelling in your own car, use: 

  • A4 from the north and east

  • A2 and S1 to the A4 from the south

  • A1, A21 and S1 to the A4 from the west

From Bratislava you can reach the airport via the A6 (Nord-Ostautobahn) and the A4 (Ostautobahn), which take you direct to Vienna Airport. (Travel time: approx. 45 minutes, distance: approx. 66 km)

Best parking possibilities AT VIENNA AIRPORT

The  parking facilities at Vienna Airport enable you to park your car conveniently before and during your trip.

The options for accessing the car parks are shown on the  airport map.