Frequently asked questions

Requirements for foreign citizens wishing to enter Austria
Information is available on the website of the  Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection .

Entry into Austria, visa
Information is available on the website of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Lost passport, emergency passport
If you have lost your passport, you can apply for the issuance of an emergency passport at the Document Centre at Vienna Airport. You will require a passport photo, €75.90 and proof of identity (e.g. driving licence).
The Document Centre is on level 2. It is accessible from check-in 3, departure level or from the arrivals level.

Identity card instead of passport
The new identity card provides instant identification and can be used in some cases in place of a passport. A list of the countries in which an Austrian identity card is accepted as a travel document can be found on the following link:

Driving licence instead of passport
Travellers must always have a valid passport or identity card with them for all flights including those within the Schengen countries and the EU. Driving licences and similar documents are not recognised as travel documents.

Access to the transit area without a valid boarding pass
The transit area, i.e. the area after the boarding pass control, is not accessible to non-travellers, except for parents accompanying their children (subject to prior notification of the airline), suppliers to the shops (subject to prior notification by the shop) and staff members with valid identification.

Who can I consult regarding complaints connected with security controls?
You can submit complaints connected with security controls directly to the Ombudsman for Security and Security control by e-mail to The contact forms on the Vienna International Airport website can also be used to submit complaints. In addition, suggestions and complaints received at the airport will be passed on to the Ombudsman.

Customs, import of goods
The Federal Ministry of Finance is responsible for customs and import duty in Austria. The information provided by the Ministry should enable you to decide whether the goods you are carrying with you can be imported into Austria duty-free and/or what formalities are required when entering the country: , Travellors

Customs requirements of other countries, import of goods to other countries
If you wish to import goods to other countries, please refer to the authorities in that country, or ask your airline company. Vienna International Airport has no information about the import of goods to other countries.

Transport of domestic animals
Your contact for the transport of domestic animals in the airline you are travelling with. Most airlines have information on their websites about the transport of pets as hand luggage or have a hotline for questions. Airline contact list

Special Issues

Environment and aviation
This information platform provides figures, data and facts on approach, noise abatement procedures and minimum noise routes, traffic development and distribution, aircraft noise zones, sustainability and environmental protection measures at Vienna Airport as well as national and international developments. Find more information on the environment and aviation website.

Support Programme for local residents
The noise protection programme by Flughafen Wien AG is part of a package of measures agreed in the mediation in connection with the third runway. It is designed to protect health and increase the quality of life of people living near the airport. Find more information on the noise protection programme website.

With the implementation of the Business Keeper Monitoring System (BKMS®), Flughafen Wien AG enables all employees, business partners and third parties to report about harmful conduct to the company, illegal activity and - in particular - criminal acts.

You can reach the website here:

On this page you can find more additional informations regarding the system.

Questions, suggestions and criticisms

Here you can use our contact form to submit your questions, suggestions or criticisms to Vienna Airport directly.

For any questions regarding your flight, e.g. flight bookings, ticket prices, baggage allowances, transfer times, ticket refunds or passenger lists, please get in touch with your booked airline directly.

We kindly ask for your understanding that we are unable to provide any information on current entry regulations.

The entry regulations for Austria are available on the Website of the Austrian authorities.

For Information on entry regulations of foreign countries please get contact the Austrian Foreign Ministry on their website or via +43 1 90115 4411.

If you have any questions on current arrivals / departures at Vienna Airport, please contact our 24-hour flight information service by calling +43-1-7007-22233

If you want to get in touch with our Contact Center via phone, please call +43 1 7007 0