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You are allowed to import many goods into Austria. However, some are subject to strict regulations. For alcohol, tobacco products and spirits there are upper limits for duty-free import.

Import tobacco, alcohol & spirits

Please note the upper limits for duty-free import.

Import restrictions

Special care must be taken when importing these items.

Export: VAT refund

This is how easy it is to get your VAT back if you come from a non-Schengen country

All information on the VAT refund


Important notes

Import and export of cash

If you wish to import more than € 10,000.00 (cash or other means of payment such as traveller's cheques, gold bars, gold coins, etc.) into the EU or export them from the EU, you must declare this to customs.

Declaration forms are available at the customs counters or at the customs office.

Import and export regulations

You can obtain specific information on all travel, import and export regulations at the customs office at the airport (arrivals hall, level 0) and on the website of the Federal Ministry of Finance.

Federal Ministry of Finance: Export procedure

Customs deposit

If you have to deposit something at customs, it will cost you € 7.00 per day and item or € 12.00 per day for large items.

Duty-free limits

For passengers over the age of 17 entering from a non-EU country, the following duty-free import limits apply to tobacco products, alcohol and spirits.

Tobacco products

Tobacco products may be imported in the following quantities

  • 200 pieces or 10 packets of cigarettes OR
  • 50 pieces of cigars OR
  • 100 pieces or 5 packs of cigarillos OR
  • 250 grams of tobacco OR
  • a proportionate composition

Alcohol & Spirits

Alcohol & spirits may be imported in the following quantities

  • 4 litres of wine OR
  • 2 litres of spirits/appetizers with 22% vol. alcohol content or less OR
  • 1 litre of spirits/appetizers with more than 22% vol. alcohol content OR
  • 2 litres of champagne/prosecco/sparkling wine/liqueur wine OR
  • a proportionate composition

Other goods for own use

  • Other goods for personal use, such as clothing, may be imported duty-free for a maximum of € 430.00 per person, and up to € 150.00 for travellers under 15 years of age.
  • By land, the duty-free limit is € 300.00 per person (€ 430.00 applies only to air travellers).
  • The guideline values may not be added up for several travellers and divided by the number of persons. For example, it is not possible for two people to bring goods worth € 860.00 duty-free.


With few exceptions, the carrying of weapons is absolutely prohibited.

Animals and plants

Entry with rare and species-protected animals and plants is only permitted with the appropriate documents. Special regulations apply to pets plus an unsolicited declaration to customs.

Works of art

Art and cultural objects may also only be imported with special proof.


The import of food is limited to certain quantities. Fruit (maximum: 3kg applies to the EU and many Mediterranean countries) or animal products are subject to clear guidelines.


Medicines for personal use may be carried on the aircraft.

Customs regulations Federal Ministry of Finance

All further information on the legal provisions on customs can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of Finance.