Barrierefrei Reisen

Accessible travelOEGS-Info

Please notify your travel agency or airline of your requirements at least 48 hours before departure so as to ensure that assistance can be arranged.

This service is available 24 hours a day and free of charge.

Please indicate the degree of reduced mobility when booking your flight. There are seven internationally recognised categories based on passenger self-assessment:

Degree of reduced mobility


(wheelchair - ramp)

Passenger is able to walk long distances and climb stairs. He/ she can move unaided in the cabin and negotiate aircraft steps. Help is required to/ from the aircraft.

(wheelchair - steps)

Passenger cannot negotiate aircraft steps but can move unaided in the cabin.

(wheelchair - cabin seat)

Passenger is completely immobile and must be accompanied to/ from his/ her cabin seat.

(deaf - passenger)

Passenger with hearing or hearing/ sight impediment.

(blind - passenger)

Passenger with sight impediment.

(blind & deaf passenger)

Blind and deaf passenger, who can move only with the help of an accompanying  person.

(disabled passenger needing assistance)

Disabled Passenger with intellectual or developmental  disability Needing Assistance.

If you are being brought to/ from the airport by private vehicle or taxi, you can use the designated free parking spaces to get in and out and load and unload your luggage. From there you can reach the arrival or departure halls without having to negotiate any steps. On arrival report to the mobility service in arrivals hall or in Terminal 3 or go to your airline check-in counter.

If you arrive in your own car, you can use the accessible car parks.

If you have any problems on entering or leaving the car park and require help, press the call button at the entrance/ exit barrier and someone will come to assist you without delay.

The Apron Transfer can transport frail or disabled persons from the aircraft to the terminal and from the terminal to the aircraft in a specially equipped minibus.

According to EU Directive (EC) 1107/2006 the airports are responsible for providing assistance to air passengers with reduced mobility (PRM).