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Security check (person, hand baggage & checked baggage)OEGS-Info

Security check procedure

This will help you get through the security check effortlessly and well prepared.

Security has its guidelines and directives, so help them out and follow their instructions.

Preparation liquids

The carrying of liquids in hand luggage is only permitted to a limited extent.

You can find more information at the hand baggage check (see text below).

Preparation of electrical/electronic devices and personal items

Keep electronic/electrical devices, larger than DIN A5 such as laptops, tablets, large cameras etc. and personal items such as mobile phone, wallet, coins etc. that are still on you within easy reach.

What belongs in the box?

Put the examples mentioned under 1. and 2. as well as outerwear such as jackets, coats, scarves, hats etc. in a storage box at the checkpoint.

Please inform the staff about easily breakable or fragile items so that they can be checked accordingly.

People screening

All travellers must pass through a metal detector gate and be visited if necessary.

Persons with pacemakers: Please contact the staff at the checkpoint.

X-ray screening

Hand luggage, liquids, electronic/electrical equipment and other items such as prams are checked by X-ray.

Explosives test

As part of the screening process, you and your baggage may be subject to an explosives test at any time.

Check hand luggage

Check here whether the items you are carrying are allowed or prohibited in your hand luggage.

Not allowednicht erlaubt = forbidden item

What liquids may be carried in hand luggage?

Maximum 100ml containers (or smaller) filled with non-hazardous liquids, stored within a maximum 1 litre clear resealable plastic bag.

Only one 1 litre bag per passenger is permitted.

Medical products up to a maximum container size of 100ml, insofar as they are required by the passenger during the journey. Baby food up to a maximum container size of 100ml and dietetic food up to a maximum container size of 100ml, insofar as these are required by the passenger during the journey.

Purchases from the airport shopping area of Vienna Airport or other airports may be taken through the security check provided that:

  • they are packed in a tamper-evident bag (STEB - Security Tamper Evident Bag),
  • the original invoice is inside,
  • the bag is intact,
  • unopened and has not been tampered with.


Prohibited item - what to do?

You have been held up at the security checkpoint and are unintentionally carrying a prohibited item or an item that has been rejected by the security checkpoint?

Then Vienna Airport and Vienna International Airport Security Services GmbH (VIAS) offer the following options:

  • Assist you with a subsequent check-in (please clarify possible additional costs in this case with your airline).
  • assist you in depositing the item (depot service - depending on the type of item. Please clarify the additional costs with the security staff at the Security Service Counter)
  • Assist you in sending the item by post to an address of your choice. (Postal service - depending on the item type and size (max. one A4 envelope). Please clarify the additional costs with the security staff at the Security Service Counter).

Our staff at the Security Service Counter at the security checkpoints in Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 will be happy to provide you with information directly on site.

Checked baggage control

Is one checked bag included in your fare and do you want to check in your baggage? You can use the self check-in or the manned counters of your airline, according to Infomonitor.

Find your way at Vienna Airport.

To the airport map

Tips for your checked baggage

Clearly mark your suitcases with name and address labels.

Carry valuable items, important documents or medication in your hand luggage!

Lock your suitcases! If necessary, use an additional fixed belt or a customs lock.

Remove old tags and old adhesive strips from previous trips - many different tags are confusing for the luggage tracking system and increase the risk that your suitcase cannot be properly matched.

Baggage allowance determined by your airline

Depending on your ticket fare, baggage allowance may be included. You will find your baggage allowance in your ticket or booking confirmation.

All airlines specify a weight and maximum size per baggage allowance.

Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods are items or substances that may pose a potential risk to health, safety, property or the environment, such as:

  • Locomotion devices with built-in lithium batteries.

  • Avalanche backpacks

  • Dry ice

  • Car batteries

  • and the like 

Special regulations apply to the transport of dangerous goods, depending on the airline you choose.

Security Ombudsman Service

As an independent and autonomous institution, the ombudsman's office is available for suggestions, criticism and questions exclusively by email at

Please note that the ombudsman's office is not staffed continuously, but in the spirit of customer orientation your concern will be dealt with promptly.