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If you arrive with your own vehicle, handicap-accessible parking slots are reserved and marked for you at Vienna Airport.



Multi-storey car park 3:

18 spaces (deck 2)

Multi-storey car park 4:

18 spaces (deck 0)

Car park C:

31 spaces (left side after the entrance)

Short-term car park K3:

6 spaces (at the transitions to the arrivals hall)

You will also find designated waiting areas for people with disabilities directly in front of the departures hall, which will make it easier for you to drop off passengers. We ask for your understanding that the waiting time is limited here, the vehicle must be marked accordingly, and it cannot be left unattended. The dedicated parking zones across the street are available when escorting passengers to the terminals.

Drop-off level

Handicap-accessible parking slots are positioned in front of the respective terminal areas.



Terminal 1 / 1A / 2:

3 spaces

Terminal 3:

3 spaces

Discount on parking fees

Car Parks 3, 4 and C

Flughafen Wien AG grants a 50% discount on the standard parking fees in multi-storey car parks 3 and 4 as well as car park C. The discount will be given after your return trip when paying at the ticket counter in car park 4 (open 24h) with presentation of (copies allowed):

  • an ID card accordong to §29b StVO or

  • an EU parking card for people with disabilities (European Community model) or

  • a disability passport with additional entry “Unreasonableness of the use of public transport due to permanent impairment of health" (“Unzumutbarkeit der Benützung öffentlicher Verkehrsmittel wegen dauernder Gesundheitsschädigung”)

Please note that the discount does not apply for online bookings.

Short-term car park K3 (pick-up)

Flughafen Wien AG also offers a discount for short-term car park K3:
50% on the 1st and 2nd hour.

  • up to 1h: EUR 2.50 instead of EUR 5.00
  • up to 2h: EUR 5.00 instead of EUR 10.00

You will receive this discount at the information desk in the arrivals hall upon presentation of one of the documents listed above.

Departure zone (drop-off)

Flughafen Wien AG also offers a fee of 50% off the tariffs of the first 2 hours, for example:

  • up to 15 minutes: EUR 1.00 instead of EUR 2.00
  • up to 30 minutes: EUR 2.00 instead of EUR 4.00
  • ...

You will receive this discount at the information desk in Terminals 1 and 3 upon presentation of one of the documents listed above.


If you have questions regarding parking arrangements, please call + 43-1-7007-22886 or contact us via the  contact form.

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