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Travelling with animals

Would you like to take your pet with you on your journey? Register this wish with your airline when booking and find out about important details before departure.

Also observe legal requirements:

Link to the Ministry of Social Affairs

Cats and small dogs

Small cats and small dogs are allowed in the cabin in a transport bag or box. The transport container must be...

  • be soft, bite-resistant, leak-proof and odour-insulating. 
  • have sufficient air supply even when closed.
  • be large enough for the pet to fit into in a natural position.
  • The total weight of the pet and the carrier must not exceed 8 kg, and the maximum size is 118 cm total circumference (55 x 40 x 23 cm), so that it can easily be stowed in front of your seat.

Please enquire about the transport arrangements with your airline.

Large animals

Large animals travel in an appropriate box in the hold of the aircraft. Identification by tattoo or microchip is required to take your pet with you.

Please bring large dogs to the large baggage counter at Terminal 1 or Terminal 3 in good time. Our airport staff will lovingly look after your pet and personally take it to the aircraft. There are separate heated areas for your pet in the hold of the aircraft.

Security check with animals

Please contact our security staff directly at the checkpoint if you are bringing animals with you.

Animals brought into the security area and travelling on board with you may either

  • through a metal detector gate specially designed for animals
  • or in their own transport box for animals by means of an X-ray machine.

If an alarm is triggered at the metal detector gate, the animal must in any case be X-rayed.

6 tips for a good trip for your pet

  • Allow yourself and your pet an extra half hour for check-in.
  • Make sure you get your pet's vaccinations (rabies vaccination at least 21 days before departure) and travel documents in good time.
  • Find out about the regulations in your destination country.
  • Get your pet used to its transport box before departure.
  • Some animals react sensitively to the flight - ideally feed your pet for the last time 12 hours before departure.
  • Inform the flight crew about the feeding and care of the animal.

ID obligation

Please take care of your pet's health. Dogs and cats need a passport, the EU pet passport for foreign travel. You can obtain this from your vet.

Other pets

Pet animals are invertebrates (except bees, bumblebees, molluscs and crustaceans), aquatic animals kept for ornamental purposes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, as well as rodents accompanying their owner or an authorised person. In private travel within the EU, these may enter Austria without a health certificate.