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Lost property office

Opening hours lost property office Vienna Airport

The lost property office is open for you from Monday to Sunday, 08:00-18:00.

If you have lost an item in the terminals, on the airport premises (e.g. car parks), in the CAT or on arriving aircraft, please register your loss report here.

Statistics confirm that every second registered loss report leads to a successful conclusion and the lost item can be returned to its owner.

General information

If you have lost items in the terminals, on the grounds (e.g. in the multi-storey car parks), on the aircraft after landing at Vienna Airport or in the CAT, immediately submit a lost property report online. For a targeted search, it is helpful to provide all relevant information about the lost item: Brand, model, colour, material, cover (case, bag, sack), contents, tag, sticker, etc.

Once we have received the item we are looking for, we will notify you by e-mail where and from when you can collect the lost property.

Opening hours of the lost property office: Mon-Sun, 08:00-18:00 hrs.

If you have forgotten something on a departing aircraft, please contact the destination airport. Your airline may also be able to assist you.

If your checked-in baggage is lost on the flight, please contact your airline.


Found Item

Basic fee (EUR)

Laptop, tablet


Wallet, mobile phone, camera, video cam and accessories, portable audio device (MP3, iPod), other electronic devices, stroller, suitcase and trolley, var. bags, travelbag,backpack, garment bag, cash from 50 EUR up


Keys, wristwatch, jewellery, eReader (e.g. Kindle), scissors, var. knifes, tools, musical instruments


Passport, driver’s licence, registration certificate, identity card and documents, optical glasses, sunglasses, speakers, headphones, electronic accessories, skis and accessories, inline skates, skateboard, scooter, other sports goods


Coat, jacket, blazer, photos, photo album, smoking utensils, spirits, food, lighter, paper/plastic bags, cosmetics, filofax, calendar, bank books/securities


Umbrella, walking cane, crutch/walking frames, medical aids (wheel chair, rollator), toys, various clothing (head gear, shawl, belt, shoes, gloves, pullover, cardigan, trousers, blanket), stationary, book


EC card/ARM card, credit card, medications), miscellaneous (e.g. child seat)

Free of charge


  • From the 8th calendar day after the discovery, a storage fee of € 0.50 per day will be charged.
  • The maximum storage fee is € 15.00 up to the 30th day of storage.
  • When calculating the basic fee for several lost property items, only the item with the highest fee will be charged.


Lost travel bag (€ 20.00 plus storage fee) with laptop (€ 25.00 plus storage fee), stored in Lost Property Office for 10 days.

Basic fee:


Camp fee (applies from the 8th day)

3 x € 0.50: € 1.50

Total amount:

€ 26.50

Collection and payment

Once we have received your item, there are various collection and payment options:

Options for collecting the lost property

You can collect the item from our lost property office in Terminal 1, Level 0. You can pay the outstanding amount of the item fee in cash or with an ATM/credit card at our lost property office. Please take the lost property confirmation and a valid official photo ID with you.

Opening hours:

Monday-Sunday, 08:00-18:00 hrs

Sollte es Ihnen nicht möglich sein, den Gegenstand persönlich abzuholen, wenden Sie sich an das Versand- und Verpackungsservice von „Mail Boxes Etc.“ in A-2320 Schwechat oder an einen Kurierdienst Ihrer Wahl.

Kontaktdaten „Mail Boxes Etc.-Schwechat“:

Die Abholung von Fundgegenständen, von einem Kurierdienst muss vom Besitzer selbst in Auftrag gegeben und bezahlt werden.

Bitte berücksichtigen Sie, dass Sie den offenen Betrag der Gegenstandgebühr vorab begleichen müssen. Sie haben die Möglichkeit Ihre Rechnung mittels Kreditkarte über unser Online-Zahlungs-Service zu bezahlen. Zugriff darauf haben Sie über einen Link, welchen wir gemeinsam mit unserer Rechnung per Email übermitteln.

Des weiteren besteht die Möglichkeit der Bank-Überweisung. Bitte tragen Sie im Feld Verwendungszweck die Rechnungsnummer ein, andernfalls können wir Ihre Zahlung nicht zuordnen. Alle Spesen zu Lasten Auftraggeber.

Erst nach erfolgter Bezahlung kann Ihr Gegenstand an den Kurierdienst ausgehändigt werden.


If you have lost something, please file a loss report first. We will inform you immediately as soon as we have received an item that matches your description. In addition, you will receive a status report after 4 and 10 days at the latest.

The area of responsibility of the lost property office at Vienna Airport covers the entire airport premises (e.g. in the multi-storey car parks), the terminals, aircraft after landing at Vienna Airport and the CAT.

In the case of lost property on aircraft that have departed from Vienna, please contact your airline or the respective destination airport.

In case of lost checked-in baggage on the flight, please contact your airline.

The respective operators are responsible for lost property on public transport.

If you have lost items in the CAT or on the plane after landing in Vienna, please file a lost property report online.

If you have forgotten something on a departing aircraft, please contact the destination airport. Your airline may also be able to help you.

For checked-in baggage lost on the flight, please contact your airline.

The person collecting the item must show the lost property confirmation and a valid official photo ID.

In addition, a fee must be paid for each item.

Your property can be received either by a third party or a courier. In this case, contact the shipping and packaging service of "Mail Boxes Etc." in A-2320 Schwechat or a courier service of your choice.

Contact details "Mail Boxes Etc.":


The collection of lost property from a courier service must be ordered and paid for by the owner himself.

In the case of collection by third parties, the lost property confirmation and a valid official photo ID of the person collecting the item must be shown.

For checked-in baggage lost on the flight, please contact the organisation responsible for your flight.

Non-perishable lost property is kept for 12 months.

To collect an item from us at the lost property office, Terminal 1/ Level 0, we recommend either the short-stay car park K1 or multi-storey car park 3. You will find the parking fees for using the parking facilities in our parking price overview.

You can reach us via our online form. Leave us your contact details and we will get back to you.

That's where easyfind comes in for simple help. Accessories with easyfind codes ensure that lost and forgotten items are quickly returned to their owners.

In the form of stickers, luggage tags or key rings, the code is attached to valuables and can thus protect them from loss.

The finder or lost property office will automatically inform you as soon as an item with an easyfind code is found. Furthermore, you can check under "my easyfind" whether your item has been handed in at one of the participating lost property offices.

You can find more information on the products at