There are various parking facilities available at Vienna International Airport, which are connected mostly to the terminals by footpaths protected from the weather.

Our parking areas

There are three different park categories at Vienna International Airport to meet all requirements and situations.

Car park 3 / Car park4

MaximUM € 5,00 / HOUR

Our two multi-storey car parks offer direct and weather-protected access to the terminals.

Recommended for departure from Terminal 1/1A
Maximum entrance height: 2,05m

Recommended for departure from Terminal 3
Maximum entrance height: 2,00m

Car park C

MaximUM € 4,20 / HOUR

Car park C is about 7-10 minutes walk from the terminals. The footpath is mostly underground and protected from the weather.

Maximum entrance height: 2,50m

Our premium parking service " Easy Parkingis available for parking area C.

Short-term car park K3

€ 5,50 / HOUR

The short-term car park K3 is only a few meters away from the exit of the arrivals hall and is therefore ideal for picking up passengers.

Maximum entrance height: 2,30m

It is not possible to book online in advance for the short-term car park.

Departure Zone

€ 2,50 / 15 MINUTES (10 MINUTES FREE)
The 10 minutes free parking can be used once a day per vehicle (license plate). From the second entrance onwards, the fee of EUR 2,50 per 15 minutes is due immediately.

VIP Terminal

The VIP and General Aviation Terminal has its own parking lot right next to the building. Prices and directions can be found on the separate website.


Payment is made when you collect your car at one of the many machines or at the pay desk in multi-storey car park 4 by means of credit card (American Express, Diners Club, Mastercard and Visa), Austrian Maestro bank card or in cash. After payment you will be issued a ticket, which must be used to leave the car park within 20 minutes. You can also pay by credit card directly at the exit barriers.

Find out more about the terms and conditions for parking in the open-air and multi-storey car parks at Vienna International Airport.

Time of arrival
Parking durance


All parking areas and multi-storey car parks at Vienna International Airport are also marked and labelled in the local traffic guidance system.

  • Car park 3
    Access via the departure road - keep right and turn off before the ramp starts.

  • Car park 4
    Access via arrival road - after NH Hotel turn left into Office-Park-Alle

  • Car park C
    Access via the departure road - follow the road to the end - parking lot follows after two left curves on the right side.

  • Kurzparkplatz K3
    Access via the arrival road - K3 is located at the end of the road on the right-hand side.

  • Departure Zone
    Access via the departure road, in the restricted area a free parking time of 10 minutes applies.