Snacks are left on the kitchen table, toothbrushes are left in the toothbrush tumbler, and the new crime thriller is left on the bedside cabinet. There is nothing wrong with this, unless you are already on your way to the airport.

In fact, these three things count among the seven most frequently forgotten items which are not packed out of sheer stress and tiredness. Therefore, check whether you packed these important travel companions in good time. And if not: There is always a solution!


Why does it so often fall by the wayside? The alarm clock rings in good time. Everything is packed, only the toothpaste and toothbrush wait for their last use before the early morning departure to the airport. As is well known, the combination of insufficient sleep and too much stress can make you forgetful. The consequence: The tooth-cleaning equipment misses the holiday at home.
Solution: There is no reason to stop smiling, since toothbrushes and toothpaste can be found here...


You have no snacks, because when you embarked on your journey to reach your gate on time, you left your lovingly prepared sandwich at home at the last minute. Do you start the long day of travelling hungry – since you have to carry on now? Of course not! You can purchase hearty snacks, luscious salads or freshly squeezed juices directly at Vienna Airport.
Solution: After the security check you can have all food and drinks packed as a take-away meal at any restaurant at Vienna Airport.


Anticipation is the greatest joy. You therefore specially purchased the fitting travel reading for your upcoming holiday. However, it is still sitting on your bedside table at home while you make your way to Check-in. Annoying, but it is no reason for a bad holiday mood!
Solution: Browse the bookshops at Vienna Airport, and be inspired by current best-sellers, popular magazines and literary classics.


Holiday or business trip without a smartphone? This is hardly imaginable nowadays. The smartphone – our constant companion – not only connects us with family and work colleagues. We post, chat and take photos with our mobile phones. Therefore, a missing charging cable can put you in a truly bad mood.
Solution: There is no doubt - a new charging cable must be found! Capi – “The Travellers Electronic Company” at Vienna Airport, keeps its promises and offers charging cables for various smartphones.


You step into your airport taxi with the great feeling that you really have thought of everything this time. You have your hairdryer, speakers and even the charging cable for your telephone with you this time. A suitcase full of essential electronic devices – but did you also remember to bring an adapter?
Solution: If not, there is no need to despair. Your anger at your own forgetfulness will pass as soon as you have a new adapter in your hand luggage. And these can be found here:


Unlike you, perpetual allergies, recurring headaches or slight colds, which you catch just days before your departure, will not go on holiday. It is too bad that you did not have enough time to visit the pharmacy while preparing for the journey.
Solution: No problem - you have time now. Use this last opportunity to visit the pharmacy at Vienna Airport before your departure flight.


Your aircraft will soon begin its trip south in just a few hours! You have longed for the sun, reading by the pool and swimming in the sea for a long time. While dreaming about the beach, you instinctively go to your breast pocket, where your sunglasses are normally hanging. However, they are at home in the hallway awaiting their long-awaited use in the sun.
Solution: Do not allow storm clouds to gather over your cheerful holiday mood. Instead, simply buy some new sunglasses – for example, here: