Arriving passenger

  • Step 1
    Follow the signs for “Exit” and “Baggage claim”

    After leaving the aircraft, follow the signs for “Exit” or “Baggage claim”

  • Step 2
    Baggage claim

    The monitors at the entrance to the baggage claim area show which belt your baggage will come out on. Go to this belt and wait for your baggage to arrive.

  • Schritt 3

    There is a customs control in the middle of the baggage claim area as you leave. If you have nothing to declare, proceed through the green exit.

    If you have purchased goods during your flight you must declare them to customs when you import them to Austria. Go through the red exit to customs control.

    Persons entering Austria from non-EU states may import the following duty-free amounts:

    Duty-free limit up to €430.00


    200 cigarettes


    50 cigars


    100 cigarillos


    250 g tobacco


    a combination of the above


    4 L wine


    1 L spirits with an alcohol content of over 22%


    2 L spirits with an alcohol of under 22%


    2 L champagne/sparkling wine/fortified wine


    a combination of the above

    Other goods up to a value of €430/person or €150/person for passengers under 15 years of age may be imported duty-free. This amount applies only to air passengers. Persons entering Austria by road may only bring in €300 worth of duty-free goods. The values for alcohol and tobacco apply for passengers over the age of 17.

    Passengers travelling together cannot pool their allowances. It is not possible, for example, for one person travelling with a companion to import an item worth €860.

  • Step 4
    Arrivals hall

    After the baggage claim area and customs you come through one of two sliding doors into the Arrivals hall.

    There you have the possibility of buying flowers as a welcome gift or of relaxing after a long journey in one of our cafés or restaurants. You can also take the opportunity to shop in the supermarket, drugstore or newspaper and bookshop in the airport. If you have questions, the staff at the Airport Information Counter opposite McDonalds in the Arrivals hall will be glad to assist. If you have enough time you can go to the Visitors Terrace for an excellent view of the apron. It is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. from 15 March to 15 November and is accessible by lift from level 3 in Check-in 3.

  • Step 5
    Multi-storey car park 3

    If you are parked in multi-storey car park 3, you should exit from the Arrivals hall and follow the signs to Check-in 1 and 1A.

    Multi-storey car park 4

    If you are parked in multi-storey car park 4, keep to the left and follow the signs to multi-storey car park 4. You will descend to level -1 and can reach the car park via a covered passenger tunnel.

    Once you have arrived at level -1, keep right and follow the tunnel past the exits down to the ÖBB and City Airport Train stations. Shortly afterwards you will see the entrance to multi-storey car park 4 on the right. Halfway down the corridor there is another entrance to multi-storey car park 4 taking you directly to the manned ticket counter on level 0. Please follow the signs.

    Car park C

    If you are parked in car park C, follow the signs to multi-storey car park 4 and down the passenger tunnel to level -1.

    Follow the signs in the passage past multi-storey car park 4 to car park C. At the end of the tunnel take the lift or stairs to the outside. Car park C is across the road on the left.


    Paying your parking ticket

    You can now pay for the parking ticket issued when you entered the car park either at one of the machines in the car park, at the ticket desk in multi-storey car park 4 (open 24 hours)  or at the exit by credit card (American Express, Diners, MasterCard, Visa), Austrian debit card (Bankomat) or parking card. The prices for use of the car parks can be seen in our car park price list.

    Taxi stand

    The taxi stand is in front of the Arrivals hall. Please use the right-hand exit.

    City Transfer counter

    The City Transfer counter is on the left of the Arrivals hall after leaving the baggage claim area.

    The bus station is in front of the Arrivals hall. You can use any of the exits.

    Busplatforms in front of the Arrivals hall
    Charter buses

    If you are travelling with a group and are looking for your charter bus, keep left and go down to level -1, following the signs to the charter bus area and multi-storey car park 4. Bear left and follow the tunnel past the exits down to the ÖBB and City Airport Train station. Halfway along the tunnel is the entrance to the bus level in multi-storey car park 4, where you will find the charter buses on level 4. Please follow the signs.

    Once you have arrived in the arrivals hall from the baggage claim area, please keep right. Use the exit on level -1 to the railway station and follow the guidance system signs.

    The CAT and the ÖBB ticket counter can also be found in the arrivals hall directly by the exit to level -1. Ticket machines are located in the arrivals hall, the passages to the platforms and on the platforms. The path from the arrivals hall to the platforms has ramps and lifts without any barriers. 

    The car rental centre is in multi-storey car park 4. Keep left, follow the signs to the car rental centre and multi-storey car park 4 and go down to level -1. Keep right and follow the tunnel past the exits down to the ÖBB and City Airport Train station and continue until you reach the entrance to multi-storey car park 4 and the car rental centre on the right. Please follow the signs.

  • Step 1
    Give notice of the need for assitance

    Please give notice if you require assistance either to the travel operator when booking your flight or to the airline at the latest 48 hours before departure so that assistance can be arranged. Indicate the degree of reduced mobility. There are six categories:

    Level of assistance


    WCHR (wheelchair - ramp)

    passenger can walk short distances and climb stairs, move unaided in the cabin and negotiate aircraft steps – assistance required to/from aircraft

    WCHS (wheelchair - steps)

    passenger cannot negotiate aircraft steps but can move unaided in the cabin

    WCHC (wheelchair - cabin seat)

    passenger is completely immobile and must be accompanied to/from the cabin seat

    STCR (stretcher)

    passenger must be transported on a stretcher


    passenger has a hearing or hearing/speech impairment


    passenger has sight impairment

  • Step 2
    Collection by the Mobility Service

    Our airport staff will bring you from the aircraft to the Mobility Service counter in the Arrivals hall