Emergency passport

In the event that your passport has expired, forgotten, or in case of the loss of this document, you may have an emergency passport issued to you at Vienna Airport.


  • Austrian citizenship
  • Proof of urgent flight on this date (e.g. boarding card)
  • Airline or border police confirms the necessity
  • Official photo ID (e.g. expired passport, driver's license,…) or an independent witness with photo ID
  • A passport photo (portrait format 35 x 45 mm) that meets passport criteria and is no older than six months
  • In case of a name change: additional marriage certificate or name change notice
  • You must apply in person for the issuance of an emergency passport. The issuance takes approximately 30 minutes.
  • The emergency passport shall be issued for the duration of the trip.


Emergency passport: € 75.90 cash

Emergency passport for minors:
  • Be aware: no first issue of a passport possible
  • From two years onwards : € 30.00 cash
  • From 12 years onwards: € 75.90 cash