King Size Parking

Premium PArking for Kings & Queens

Are you fed up with annoying scratches and unnecessary parking damages? You don't want to worry about too little space for unloading your suitcases? Do you feel more comfortable in a brightly lit car park deck?

At the Vienna Airport you can park like a royal now:  We recently opened a premium parking deck in our multi storey car park 4 on level 1 consisting of

  • parking spaces with a width of 3.5m for convenient alighting and unloading

  • power LED ceiling lights for enhanced security and comfort

  • short walking distance to the Terminal for your quick check-in.

The surcharge for King Size parking lotswhich are one third larger than common parking lots, is € 8 each day or part thereof. Your car is going to love it!

Please insert your valid park ticket at the barrier to the King Size Zone on deck 1. Our online booking for King Size is currently not available.

Payment options

  • at automated pay stations

  • at the car park 4 pay station

  • at the exit barrier of car park 4 / Level 0

Time Cards are not accepted in the Kingsize zone.




Various car parks are available at Vienna Airport. The terminals can be reached from most of the car parks by means of covered walkways. From short-term parking next to the terminal to multi-storey car parks and parking areas nearby, options are available for all durations.

Passengers can determine the most favourable tariff in advance using the car park comparison. After entering the desired duration, all of the parking options and rates are listed, giving passengers a clear idea of the available parking, their location in relation to the terminal building, and the costs involved. Payment can be made by credit card.

After booking a parking space, customers will receive a confirmation e-mail, which can be printed out and also used with a mobile phone. It contains a QR code, which is scanned at the entrance to the car park. A parking ticket is issued and is used to open the barrier when leaving the car park. If the booked time is exceeded, the excess can be paid on the spot.



Vienna Airport offers attractive low-cost packages for travel agencies, corporate travel departments and frequent flyers. Detailed information on the individual products and order forms can be found at

Executive Card

The Vienna Airport Executive Card is an attractive option for frequent flyers. Apart from unlimited parking in specially designated areas it has other benefits such as the use of the fast lane during the security check, access to the airport lounges as well as priority access to the security control at the Vienna Airport Executive entrance in Terminal 3.

Further information at

Time Cards

Time cards are a cashless alternative for parking at Vienna Airport, allowing vehicles to park in multi-storey car parks 3 and 4 and in car park C at reduced rates. They can be purchased by means of the order form or directly at multi-storey car park 4. The minimum order for time cards is 10 cards per category, available for 4, 8 and 15 days.

Further information at