Environmental Impact Assessment

Clearly defined procedure

The Environmental Law Department of the Office of the Lower Austrian Provincial Government is in charge of the EIA procedure. It sets the deadlines and is responsible for the requirements to be met by the local communities and the Vienna district administration and also chairs discussions.

The EIA also allows for public involvement. This means that all documents presented to or drafted by the authorities must also be made public to enable interested parties to examine them at defined times. The Federal Environmental Impact Assessment Law (UVP-G) provides for two basic methods of involvement. Every citizen may inspect the project documentation, make written statements on the project and take part in the public discussion and negotiations. Directly involved interest groups or individuals are also entitled to assert their rights within the process. They have the right, for example, to inspect files and can appeal to the highest courts against the EIA decision.

EIA for the third runway

Procedures already completed
  • submission of EIA and project documents on 1 March 2007

  • verification that all of the required documents have been submitted

  • three revisions of the documents to comply with additional requirements by the authorities

  • publication of the documents in the communities in mid-2008

  • drafting of EIA opinions by experts appointed by the authorities with allowance for the written statements by citizens

  •  two further revisions of the documents in response to questions by the authorities (by mid‑2010), in particular updating of air traffic forecasts until 2025

  • completion of EIA opinion by the authorities and their expert (June 2011)

  • publication of opinion for at least four weeks for examination by the public (7 July - 25 August 2011)

  • negotiations (29 August - 7 September 2011)

  • end of the official evaluation procedure (12 October 2011)

  • initial decision (10 July 2012) - the period allowed for appeal ended on 24 August 2012