Aircraft De-icing

De-icing / anti-icing

Our high-tech equipment offers professional de-icing and anti-icing of aircraft for our customers. Currently we operate 4 units of Vestergaard Elephant Beta and 10 units of Safeaero 220.

Knowledge of the weather situation in Austria and the experience of our employees also make a decisive contribution to optimum de-icing and anti-icing services. Regular checks and compliance with all safety regulations and environmental standards are a matter of course and are audited annually by DAQCP.

LOWW possesses up to 8 de/anti-icing positions within the eastern area of the F parking positions, along with a maximum of 5 de-icing standby positions.

Performance of de-/anti-icing of aircraft on remote de-icing positions is based on requirements stated in SAE Aerospace Standards AS6285 as well as 6286 (in the currently valid version) and in line with IATA AHM subsection 3.17 (3.17.2 - 3.17.8)

Upon request of PIC an one or two step de-icing procedure is available on remote de-icing positions.

For further information please download "De/Anti-Icing of Aircraft" as pdf.