Known supplier

In accordance with the decision of the European Commission, Vienna International Airport is obliged to carry out a complete control of supplies connected with airport security.

Airport supplies are items destined for sale, use or availability for defined purposes or activities in security-related areas of the airport.

Before they are taken to security-restricted areas such deliveries must be checked, unless the required security controls in accordance with para. 9.1.4 of Commission Regulation (EU) 185/2010 are carried out by a “known supplier” and the supplies are protected from unauthorised interference from that time until they are taken into the security-restricted area.

FWAG may recognise airport companies supplying the airport as “known suppliers” under the following conditions:

  • Presentation of a signed “Declaration of commitments – known supplier of airport supplies” (provided on request).

  • The company’s security officer undergoes a “security check for security officers according to § 2 para. 7 LSG in conjunction with §§ 55ff SPG“ at the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz und Terrorismusbekämpfung [Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution and Combating Terrorism]

  • The security officer undergoes training at the airport pursuant to Commission Regulation (EU) 185/2010 – 11.2.6“

  • The security officer carries out security awareness training for all persons in his company with access to airport deliveries.

Further information on airport deliveries can be found on the BMVIT website (

The security officer is required to undergo a security check. The fee of around €250.00 is to be paid directly to the BMI [Federal Ministry of the Interior].