Eurowings is the low-cost airline from the Lufthansa Group and specialises in bargain direct flights within Europe and to attractive destinations further afield. Recently recognised as the best airline in Germany in 2017, Eurowings does not only offer a large and attractive route network from Vienna to the rest of Europe, but also the largest seat pitch among all airlines in Europe. The airline currently offers a total of more than 160 destinations in over 50 countries around the world. For business trips, city breaks or beach holidays – Eurowings has the right flight for every occasion.


06/04/2018 | Route news

Eurowings expands its network and launches  8 new destinations. As of March 25th the service will be offered to Larnaca, as of March 26th to Catania, at the end of April to Calvi. Starting on May Eurowings will serve flights to the destinations Corfu, Chania, Heraklion, Kos and Rhodos.


Route Flight number Departure Arrival Days
VIE-CFU  EW 5968 04:50 07:35 Tu
VIE-CFU  EW 5274 06:10 09:00 Sa
CFU-VIE  EW 5969 13:05 13:45 Tu
CFU-VIE  EW 5275 14:50 15:45 Sa
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Route Flight number Departure Arrival Days
VIE-CHQ  EW 5850 06:00 09:20 Mo
VIE-CHQ  EW 5850 18:05 21:30 We
VIE-CHQ  EW 5850 06:00 09:20 Fr
CHQ-VIE  EW 5851 10:15 11:45 Mo
CHQ-VIE  EW 5851 22:20 23:45 We
CHQ-VIE  EW 5851 10:10 11:40 Fr
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Route Flight number Departure Arrival Days
VIE-CTA  EW 5856 17:55 20:00 Mo
VIE-CTA  EW 5856 06:05 08:15 Fr
CTA-VIE  EW 5857 20:40 22:45 Mo
CTA-VIE  EW 5857 08:55 11:00 Fr
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Route Flight number Departure Arrival Days
VIE-HER  EW 5970 05:00 08:20 Mo
VIE-HER  EW 5276 11:30 15:00 We
VIE-HER  EW 5970 07:00 10:20 Fr
HER-VIE  EW 5971 15:45 17:15 Mo
HER-VIE  EW 5277 15:50 17:30 We
HER-VIE  EW 5971 17:00 18:25 Fr
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Route Flight number Departure Arrival Days
VIE-KGS  EW 5974 04:30 07:50 We
VIE-KGS  EW 5270 06:45 10:10 Sa
KGS-VIE  EW 5975 15:35 17:00 We
KGS-VIE  EW 5271 10:50 12:30 Sa
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Route Flight number Departure Arrival Days
VIE-LCA  EW 5894 04:45 08:40 Th
VIE-LCA  EW 5894 12:45 16:40 Su
LCA-VIE  EW 5895 09:30 11:40 Th
LCA-VIE  EW 5895 17:30 19:45 Su
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Route Flight number Departure Arrival Days
VIE-RHO  EW 5964 18:55 22:15 Tu
VIE-RHO  EW 5272 07:45 11:20 Th
VIE-RHO  EW 5964 10:55 14:15 Th
VIE-RHO  EW 5272 05:40 09:15 Su
RHO-VIE  EW 5965 23:00 00:35 Tu
RHO-VIE  EW 5965 15:05 16:40 Th
RHO-VIE  EW 5273 18:35 20:20 Th
RHO-VIE  EW 5273 09:55 11:40 Su
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Route Flight number Departure Arrival Days
VIE-CLY  EW 5658 06:10 07:55 Su
CLY-VIE  EW 5659 12:55 14:40 Su
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Aboard all Eurowings aircraft, customers can expect a flexible fare concept with the three fares BASIC, SMART and BEST. This means that passengers can tailor their flights to meet their individual needs. The BASIC fare is for those passengers looking for a flying experience at the best possible price. Luggage and a number of other extra services can be booked in addition to the basic fare as required. The SMART fare includes several extra services, and these can be supplemented depending on individual requirements. One bag up to 23kg and preferred seating, as well as a snack and a drink are all included in the SMART fare. BEST is the premium offer designed in particular to meet the needs of business travellers and discerning private travellers. For example, this fare with levels of comfort includes a seat with extra leg room and a generously adjustable back rest, an unoccupied adjacent seat, two bags up to 23kg and à la carte catering.


To find out about our best flight offers, consult the best-fare calendar. The easy-to-use monthly overview makes it simpler than ever to reserve an affordable flight to your desired destination. For further information on Eurowings’ flight offerings, fares and services, please visit:

More route news


As of the winter schedule 2017/2018 Eurowings will extend its network from Vienna by flying directly to Dortmund.

EurowingsEurowings further expands its network from Vienna and launche flights to several new destinations: Birmingham, Madrid and Nice will be served year around; Brindisi, Ibiza, Marsa Alam, Mytilene, Malta, Olbia, Paphos, Porto, Santorini and Samos on a seasonal basis.

In summer 2017 Eurowings will open routes to three new destinations from Vienna. Starting with April the airline will offer 2 weekly flights to Kavala in Greece and one weekly flight to Lamezia Terme in Italy. Zadar in Croatia will be offered once a week, as from May 3rd the service will be increased to three flights per week.

EurowingsIn winter 2016/17 Eurowings expands its offer from Vienna Airport. Six new destinations will be launched: Nuremberg, Pisa, Las Palmas, Jerez, Fuerteventura and Malaga.

Flights to existing routes to Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and Rome will be increased.

Eurowings expands their network from Vienna and will offer five new destinations in summer 2016:


Starting with winter timetable Eurowings launches its service from Vienna. As from 9th November the airline will introduce flights to three destinations:

Eurowings offers six flights per week to London-Stansted. As from December 8th the airline will increase to 8 flights per week and from January 2016 Eurowings will further increase to 9 flights per week.