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Ground Hand­ling

Your Partner for Quality, Efficiency, Security and Speed

Vienna Airport Handling Services is a division of Flughafen Wien AG. Customer orientation, quality and speed characterize our division as the specialist for basic and cargo handling services at Vienna Airport.

Advantages of handling by FWAG

Speed, flexibility, minimum turnaround times - these and many other advantages are offered by handling through Flughafen Wien AG. See for yourself!

Passenger Handling

The "Passenger Handling" service at Vienna Airport covers everything from classic check-in at the counter, manning of the boarding gate to Lost & Found for arriving passengers.

Operations and Load Control

The proper and rapid loading of aircraft is one of the most important tasks of an airport operation - you can count on our airport team for this.

Centralized Load Control

The most efficient load distribution through Vienna Airport.


In addition to aircraft and baggage handling, the "Ramphandling" service at Vienna International Airport includes catering, crew transport, and aircraft de-icing and cleaning.


Ten Safeaeros and 5 Vestergaards Elephant BETA are used for aircraft de-icing.

For details on the de-icing procedure, please refer to the link in this chapter.


IATA certified trainers provide ACG approved Dangerous Goods training in accordance with IATA DGR 1.5A or 1.5B. ( Personnel categories 1,3,6 as well as 7-10)

Cargo Handling

The cargo division of Flughafen Wien AG carries out the physical cargo handling and is the guarantor for 100% neutrality towards its customers.

Pharma Handling Center

VPC is designed to ensure the required temperature of each pahram product.


Do you have any questions, do you need support or would you like more information? Our employees are at your disposal for prompt and competent information.

For our customers

The VIE Ground Handling price list for handling packages and individual services can be obtained by customers directly from VIE Handling Services at the e-mail address