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Centralized Load Control by VIE

CLC performed by the Vienna Airport Loadcontrol Department

If you are interested in Centralized Load Control by Vienna Airport, please contact our team for more information:  


Roland Vago-Wind
Head of Load Control


CLC through central points of VIE

  • MACH2-Weight & Balance is an in-house developed, web-based load control system

  • MACH2-Weight & Balance provides a wide and flexible range of settings

  • MACH2-Weight & Balance is a SIMPLE INSTRUMENT that can be used on any device without additional software

  • MACH2-Weight & Balance is continuously improved to meet market demands and trends

  •  MACH2-Weight & Balance is certified for common CUTE networks worldwide (e.g. SITA, ARINC etc.)

  • MACH2-Weight & Balance is compatible with ACARS or sending emails

  • For us, it is essential not to compromise on data transmission security and data management

  • MACH2-Weight & Balance guarantees high flexibility regarding connectivity/communication with common DCS (e.g. SABRE, ALTEA etc.)

  • MACH2-Weight & Balance can send loadsheet/loadplan/other documents on any platform - as requested by customer

  • NO step-by-step system - it is always possible to go forward or backward to any step during the processing process - based on the recognized and secure operating procedures

  • MACH2-Weight & Balance is a single operated system, which can follow any processing procedure setup

  • MACH2-Weight & Balance can always be updated/adjusted/developed - as requested by customers 

  • Strong focus on accepted A/L expirations toward load planning for fuel savings.

  • Statistical evaluation on load control performance based on monitoring of flows, time limits and load planning

  • High Load Control quality of service begins through VIE CLC with effective loading instructions

  • Intelligent infrastructure and connectivity to ensure safe and easy operation

  • There is a constant evolution, not only in load control, but also on the apron - we understand CLC as a complete operational process

  • Innovative steps for the future (intelligent solutions are the key to this)

  • Ramp agent "mobile office" developed and ready to use - ALL IN ONE (PDA + PRINTER)

  • It is mandatory for us that each load controller has extensive experience with ramp ops

  • Each load controller meets high standards of customer service and communication

  • Each team is trained within recognized business standards

  • Wide range of different aircraft types in our load control service offering

  • Each team is in constant development - IATA instructor certification recently added

  • Assigned instructors on the load control team (procedures, other DCS systems known worldwide, special ACFT types) 

  • Easy to learn, easy to implement, easy to use and compatible with smart devices

  • Safety monitor present throughout the processing process // EZFW - LOADPLAN - LOADSHEET - LMC/LDM message are defined checkpoints where correct data transmission is continuously checked

  • No compromise on security, but a huge step towards simplicity of processing

  • Within MACH2-Weight & Balance, a very handy CHAT-BOX feature is built in

  • Communication between load controller and ramp agent is recorded/monitored/archived

  • CHAT-BOX is a very useful tool by investigation, followed by corrective action setup in case of irregularities

  • Last sequence when loading must be transmitted over the apron via "FINAL PROPOSAL" - this can then be verified/accepted by the load controller within seconds

  • User-friendly system saves training costs and time