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Unless otherwise agreed, handling is based on IATA SGHA Version 2008 AHM 810 and the liability regulation contained therein!

Loading and unloading of the aircraft

Our service includes the unloading and loading of bulk and ULD compartments in all variants of the IATA Handling Manual.

Every day, an average of 650 aircraft movements with around 800 tons of baggage as well as 550 tons of cargo are handled with the utmost care. In order to load and unload an aircraft in the shortest possible time, this requires extensive and precise coordination. With our team it is possible to react flexibly and quickly to unforeseen circumstances. Our vision is to be one of the fastest airports in our class in Europe - with regular training of our staff and a high level of technical equipment, this has been achieved and maintained.

Baggage Handling & BRS

Reliability, speed and quality are among the most important factors in baggage handling. Our customers benefit from short baggage handling times. To achieve this, we use state-of-the-art technologies and state-of-the-art logistics.

The sophisticated mobile tracking system operates throughout the airport and therefore enables our Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS), one of the most modern in Europe, to comply with ICAO Annex 17 rules. This ensures that no baggage is found without its corresponding passenger. This system allows baggage from passengers who have not checked in to be located quickly and unloaded with minimal delays.


At Vienna Airport, catering transport is handled by our handling agents. The catering companies prepare up to 19,000 meals per day, which are delivered to the aircraft by our staff and loaded onto the different types of aircraft with the utmost care and efficiency.

De-Icing / Anti-Icing

With our high-tech equipment "Elephant Beta" we offer our customers professional de-icing und anti-icing of aircraft. The knowledge of the weather situation in Austria and the experience of our staff are also decisive factors for the best possible de-icing and anti-icing services. Regular inspections, compliance with all safety regulations, as well as the fulfillment of the highest environmental standards are a matter of course for us.

Cabin cleaning

We offer our customers a wide range of hygiene services, such as interior cleaning and deep and exterior cleaning. For delayed flights, we offer a special "quick cleaning" procedure, thus helping our customers make up for lost time.

Sanitary services

Our sanitary services include ide mobile water supply and disposal, as well as emptying, cleaning and refilling toilets, and all general waste disposal services.

Passenger and crew transportation

The safe transport of passengers and crew is our top priority. In addition, forward-looking and comprehensive operational planning ensures timely arrival at the aircraft.