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Every one of us is responsible!

Everyone is called upon to report every observation that may represent a threat to the security of Vienna International Airport, including those that may stem from a potential threat from insiders or radicalisation . This vigilance applies to others, but also to each one of us personally.

Key aspects

Remain vigilant and always be aware that inattention may be recognised and exploited by potential bad actors.

Critically assess your own behaviours as they relate to work, and make any necessary changes. If attempts are made to convince you to violate regulations or security policies against your own intentions, never give in to this pressure or a threat. If money or other consideration is offered for doing something wrong, never accept the offer. Rather, “nip it in the bud” and contact a supervisor or submit a report. Otherwise, the bad actor gains power over you. This person will take advantage of this power and carry out his or her plans without scruples.

Colleagues assist colleagues:

  • Offer your co-workers help

  • Arrange help, report

  • Accept help

Supervisors, security advisor, security officer, or work’s council:

  • Be a good role model

  • Regular (refresher) training and instructions, a culture of actively learning from mistakes as opposed to just avoiding mistakes

  • Regular discussions with colleagues and employees

A credible role model has an easier time winning the trust of employees. Regular training can help to identify weak points. Regular conversations strengthen the bonds within teams and help employees to identify with the values and security culture of the company.

A robust and resilient security culture will be implemented successfully and actively pursued when employees at all levels contribute to and support its establishment and maintenance.