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Temporary Airport ID Card for escorted access (=escort pass)

How to get an escort pass

This Airport ID Card is intended for those persons who need to enter the security restricted area at Vienna airport to perform a one-time official matter and is generally limited to a period of 24 hours.

The escorted pass will be issued at following locations:

Airport ID Card Office Term​inal 3, Level 2
Location Airport ID Card office, escort pass for all access areas

Checkpoint West (Temporary escort passes for the areas VO, GZ, FR, LFZ)
Location Checkpoint West, escort pass limited to airside (without Terminal)

Anfahrt Checkpoint WEST
(PDF, 0.34 MB)

Checkpoint East (Temporary escort passes for the areas VO, GZ, FR, LFZ)
Location Checkpoint East, escort pass limited to airside area (only apron)

Anfahrt Checkpoint OST
(PDF, 0.35 MB)

Issuance of escort passes for the security restricted areas

  1. An escort pass for a one-time entry to the security restricted area must be requested by the client at least 24h hours in advance digitally at the Airport ID Card office.
  2. The person picking up their escort pass must be accompanied by a person with a permanent Airport ID Card. The presence of both at the issuing location is required.
  3. An official ID must be deposited by the person picking up their escort pass.
  4. An escort confirmation must be filled out. Biometric data and a photo are recorded for the system.
  5. Attention: The accompanying person permanently supervises the person with the escort pass in the security restricted area. Any violation of security must be reported to the Security Operation center immediately. The escorting person is liable for this. Before leaving the airport premises, the escort pass must be returned to the issuing office in the presence of both card holders (the one with the permanent Airport ID Card and the one returning the escort pass).


Public area

BW: business premises (office, workshops)

Restricted access area

TR: Transit

Restricted Security areas

TG: Transit Gate
FR: Cargo
VO: apron
GZ: baggage center
LFZ: aircraft
FB: flightbase