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Cargo Handling

The cargo facilities at Vienna International Airport have direct and central access to the apron as well as an almost direct connection to the A4 highway. This facilitates a rapid turnover of goods for all parties involved. Vienna's extraordinary position compared to other airports in the catchment area is ensured by services such as:

  • Ramp transfer

  • Short transfer times

  • Acceptance of general cargo trucks

  • 24/7  Operating time

  • IATA Standard SGH/AnnexA and/or special agreements

  • Co-developed handling packages according to individual customer needs

  • Minimum handling times (reference)
Unless otherwise agreed, physical cargo handling shall be based on IATA SGHA 2004 in accordance with AHM 24th Edition 2004 and the liability provision contained therein as well as the relevant provisions of the VIE Cargo Handling Regulations as amended from time to time. 

Import provisioning

  • Scheduled flights
    • for standard freight 180 minutes after scheduled arrival time
    • Special cargo on request
  • Ad-hoc flights and charter flights
    • Standard and special cargo only by prior arrangement

Export acceptance - freight ready for shipment

  • Scheduled flights standard freight:
    • Non-ULD aircraft 180 minutes prior to scheduled departure time.
    • ULD aircraft 240 minutes before scheduled departure time
  • Scheduled flights special cargo: by prior arrangement
  • Ad-hoc flights and charter flights
    • Standard and special cargo: by prior arrangement

Freighter flights

  • Import staging: 360 minutes after scheduled arrival time
  • Export acceptance - ready to ship cargo
    • Non-ULD or ULD freighter flights: 360 minutes before scheduled departure time


  • Bulk to bulk: 240 minutes
  • Bulk to RFS and vice versa: 540 minutes
  • ULD to Bulk and vice versa: 540 minutes
  • RFS to ULD and vice versa: 360 minutes
  • Transit units: 240 minutes
  • TRU: 240 minutes

In case of concurrency: scheduled flights are given priority over non-scheduled flights!




Office and warehouse space for freight forwarders

15,300 m²

Bonded warehouse

28,000 m²

Import warehouse

6,700 m²

Export warehouse

4,500 m²

Road Feeder Terminal

1,755 m²

Storage for perishable goods between +2°C and +8°C

(as requested)


Cold storage

+ 4° C

Frozen storage

- 25° C

Dangerous goods warehouse


Valuable goods storage/vault


AVI warehouse and clearance certified as entry point

for all member states of the European Union


Pallet building stations

RFS Terminal 

  • Two 10-foot positions
  • One 20-foot position

Special areas for wide-body cargo handling

  • Four 10-foot positions

Export terminal

  • Three 10-foot positions

Roadfeeder Terminal Details.

  • Location: at a short distance from both the road and aircraft due to direct access to the apron

  • Eight truck handling positions

  • Two automatic truck loading docks

  • Two 10-foot and one 20-foot pallet building stations

  • Four 10-foot positions in special area for wide-body aircraft cargo handling

  • 10-minute turnaround time for pallet and/or container trucks with four units in and out each

Details bonded warehouse

  • First class customs office authorized for all types of customs clearance in free and bonded traffic

  • 24 hours a day handling and customs clearance services

  • Storage under customs supervision

  • Warehousing and distribution

  • EDP interface between airport and freight forwarders accelerates and facilitates the flow of goods and brings less bureaucracy - more flexibility.

  • All the possibilities of a customs free zone