• Step 1
    Ticket information

    The information (flight number, time, destination, etc.) can be found on your ticket.

  • Step 2
    Flight Information

    Check the updated flight information on the displays and monitors in the transfer and gate areas. You can also consult our website on your mobile phone to check the updated departures list or register for the Vienna Airport app to obtain information on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

    The following information is provided:

    Flight status


    gate open

    first call – passengers are requested to make their way to the departure gate

    gate change

    change of departure gate – the flight is departing from a different gate than the one initially indicated


    second call – passengers are boarding the aircraft


    the outgoing flight has been cancelled


    the scheduled departure has been delayed


    What to do if your flight is cancelled

    Go to your airline transfer counter and ask whether you can transfer your ticket to another flight. If an alternative flight is offered, note the flight information (flight number, departure time, gate) and following the instructions given by the counter staff. There is one transfer counter each in the C and D gate areas and three Austrian Airlines / Star Alliance transfer counters each in the F and G gate areas. While waiting for your flight you can relax in the exclusive atmosphere of one of the airport lounges.


  • Step 3
    Finding your gate for the onward flight

    If you cannot find the gate for your onward flight, ask at your airline’s transfer counter. There is one counter each in gate areas C and D and three counter each in gate areas F and G.

  • Step 4

    Your boarding card will be checked again and then you can board. We wish you a pleasant flight.