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the iconic wafer from vienna presents itself

Two packs of Manner Wafers are eaten worldwide every second (!). This equates to more than 172,800 pink iconic wafers every day and more than 63 million pieces every year. How did this sweet Viennese ‘Original’ complete its triumphant sweep through the world? Quite simply, “Chocolate for everyone” was the motto of the founder Josef Manner I, which has remained valid for more than 125 years. 

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Manner: the recipe for success

Crunchy wafers, delicate hazelnut-cocoa cream and then the same again. This sequence is repeated a total of four times until the perfect Manner mix is produced. This has not changed since 1898. The size, shape and basic recipe of the Austrian Manner wafers, as inventor Josef Manner I once had in his head and on his sweet tongue, have remained since then. It is therefore by no means exaggerated to describe the Manner wafers as absolutely iconic in their famous pink packaging.

a viennese original for more than 125 years

It was once a small business in the heart of Vienna. Josef Manner I sold chocolate and fig coffee on St. Stephen's Square in Vienna. Only a short time later, he wished to produce his own sweet treats and he established a factory around his parents‘ house on the outskirts of Vienna, where the famous Manner wafers are still produced today - from the processing of the cocoa beans to the packaging of the finished wafers.

the sweet flavour of austrian tradition 

Many decades later, the square chocolate wafers came full circle. St. Stephen's Cathedral, one of Vienna’s most important landmarks, can not only be seen on the packaging of the Viennese Manner wafers, but also from the windows of its flagship store, which is located directly in Vienna city centre.
Those who have missed their chance to try this ‘original’ from the Vienna city centre shop need not worry. There is another opportunity to purchase a large pack of the iconic wafers as a sweet Austrian souvenir for yourself or others in the Manner Shop at Vienna Airport.