Klimt and Glory united in fire

The Viennese cityscape is characterised by art and culture, tradition and history. Preserve these memories with a homage to Gustav Klimt in the form of a precious keepsake from the traditional Viennese jeweller Freywille.

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Gustav Klimt – the perfect memory of golden vienna

There is no avoiding Gustav Klimt when wandering through Vienna’s old lanes. Numerous exhibitions, museums and sights commemorate the Austrian painter and best-known representative of Viennese Art Nouveau, as well as the traditional fire enamel manufacturer Freywille. The Viennese jewellery creator brought out a limited edition in honour of Gustav Klimt in 2018. Be sure to make a stop at the Freywille Shop at Vienna Airport. You can purchase a particularly valuable and unique souvenir with the luxurious homage to one of the greatest Austrian painters and wear the beautiful memories of Austria close to your heart.

Freywille dedicated a collection to the works of Gustav Klimt in a splendid way. The characteristic ornaments of the Austrian painter are incorporated in the rings, necklaces, bracelets and cufflinks in the limited jewellery collection. In this respect, the Freywille designers, goldsmiths and enamel specialists were inspired by one of his most famous works, the Palais Stoclet mosaic in Brussels.

traditional handcraft at vienna airport

This company’s passion for unique pieces of jewellery, which are inspired by world famous Austrian artists, has burned brightly since 1951. The beginning of the creation process involves art history research and countless designs with gouache colours before a completed work of art finally emerges from the fire. The traditional company Freywille is represented by a shop directly at Vienna Airport and this shop offers tourists one last opportunity to pack a golden memento of this city.

the keeper of fire in the heart of vienna

The path to each individual piece of jewellery is hot and stony. They are created from unique, artistically designed fire enamel, which is applied in several layers and fired. The special process, which has been perfected by Freywille, allows colours to shine brightly in combination with gold and silver. Original Austrian tradition and handcraft as well as art and history are sleekly combined here in the precious necklaces, rings and bracelets by Freywille, which are a perfect souvenir of an unforgettable trip through Austria.