Those who want to satisfy their guest's palates spoil them with diversity. Vienna Airport therefore increasingly focuses on vegetarian and vegan delicacies, which not only please and satisfy the travellers. They also give them the opportunity to remain true to their personal nutritional preferences.

Vienna Airport takes care of its vegan guests! PETA awarded it two of three stars in the “vegan-friendly airport” category in 2017 and thus it is among the best 10 in German-speaking countries.


Salads are among the classics of veggie cuisine. Crisp leaves, fresh vegetables, delicious dressings and one or two toppings ensure that the salad bowls have flavour and variety – such as a delicately flavoured Greek salad with olives and feta in the Sky Wine Lounge (Gates G), a Insalata Caprese with mature balsamic and pesto dressing at Caffè Ritazza (Arrivals) or a salad with Styrian cream cheese at Demel (Gates C & G). A comprehensive selection of exceptional combinations, such as coleslaw with red cabbage or grilled vegetable salads can be put together at Jamie’s Deli (Gates F) or ready to take away from Dean & David (Gates F). There are also fresh vegetables at Anker (Arrivals). Here you can order a Mediterranean mozzarella salad, an extravagant lentil and cranberry salad or a nutritious chickpea salad. They are all embedded on a vitamin-rich wild herb salad and rounded off with a dressing of your choice.


From chia seeds to kale – superfoods simply have what it takes to strengthen travellers, without burdening the stomach. In addition to a colourfully mixed superfood salad and a superfood wrap filled to the brim (both available at Jamie’s Deli), the superfood sandwich at Daily Roast (Gates C) is also recommended. It is filled with hummus, nuts, avocado and salad – an impressive combination!

Tip for smart travellers: You can conveniently pack away all dishes from salads to superfood sandwiches as a Take Away menu.
Read more about this under “PICNIC ON BOARD” at Vienna Airport!


We all know sweet, sour, salty and bitter, but there is also a fifth taste: ‘Umami’ comes from the Japanese and the frequent simplified translation is “savoury taste”. In this respect, the term stands for foods which bring their own seasoning and deliciousness and make a lot of sense in vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Soy sauce, tomatoes, olives and mushrooms are true umami wonders and they play a main role in the Vienna Airport cuisine. Try the veggie quiche with zucchini and dried tomatoes at Daily Roast (Gates C), the spinach-tomato omelette at Kulinariat (Gates G) or the vegetarian wok at Johann Strauss (Gates D). A real explosion of umami awaits guests at Jamie’s Italian (Gates F). Here they serve pizza with roasted mushrooms, crispy baked ravioli with Sicilian sauce, penne with a fiery tomato and garlic sugo. Buon Appetito!


Bread, buns and the like will fill you up – whether served cold or warm. The toppings and fillings are what truly matters! If this is what you are after, you will be spoilt for choice at Vienna Airport, since bread baking culture is a top priority in Austria. How does a mozzarella sandwich with black olives at Air Café (T3 departure level) sound, or a Camembert Laugenstangerl (pretzel stick) at Anker (Arrivals)? These have tasty competition from the colourfully filled delicacies at Brezel Meister (T3 departure level, D Gates), the toasted Melanzani-Panino at Henry (Gates C & G) and the vegan avocado and sweet pepper ciabatta at Juice Factory (Gates F). Perhaps you would prefer a super green veggie burger with a chickpea patty and balsamic onions in a brioche bun from Jamie’s Italian (Gates F)? This really is no easy decision for vegetarian sandwich fans.


Sometimes you just need some rustic food on your plate! Thank goodness vegetarian dishes and rustic enjoyment are not mutually exclusive. Simply order farmhouse bread topped with brie, apple and cranberries at Johann‘s Biereck (Arrivals) or an Austrian classic – the fluffy Eiernockerln (egg dumplings) at Kulinariat (Gates G)! This is exactly the right choice when your heart and stomach are after something substantial.


Where is meat certainly not missed? For dessert, of course! A fine selection of fruity desserts can be discovered at Vienna Airport - such as the vitamin-rich fruit salads at Zugvogel (Plaza) or the freshly prepared smoothie bowls at Juice Factory (Gates F). Should it be just as fruity, but a little sweeter? Then the classic Apple Strudel in the Sky Wine Lounge (Gates G) or Kaiserschmarrn (sugared pancake with raisins) with stewed plums at Demel (Gates C & G) are just what you need.
Sweet tip: Enjoy the homemade croissants at Anker (Arrivals) with an Austrian coffee speciality!

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