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Covid Care Premium Service / Transfer € 29.90

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You’d like to transfer without any fuss in one of the most modern airports of Europe?

Our service is just right for you.

We’ll help you to complete your transfer as quickly and trouble-free as possible. No stress, no panic about possible confusion.

Our staff will find the quickest, safest and most pleasant way to your connecting flight.

The service – and all features within, even those added per upgrade – is only valid with the associated flight.

There is a discount for children between 2 and 12 years


  • Pick up at the terminal as soon as your plane lands and arrives to a stand.
  • If you need to take a bus from the aircraft, your personal assistant will await you in the terminal as soon as you get off the bus.
  • We’ll support you at the passport control and security control, if necessary. Your personal assistant will help you with the procedures.
  • Your personal assistant will be pleased to assist you with your hand luggage.
  • Once you’ve passed through control, we’ll escort you to your departure gate.
  • Transfer may take at least 25 minutes.