Initial and advanced training

The range of initial and advanced training at Vienna Airport is intended for all career groups and is designed in accordance with requirements, strategic considerations and the needs of the employees concerned.

The training is carried out internally and in accordance with the specific job. There is also interdisciplinary training within a central training programme available to all employees.


  • general security (compulsory for all new employees)

  • languages

  • IT

  • communication and presentation

  • VIE management training for permanent staff and supervisors

  • communication and team building training for Red Caps and loading supervisors

  • office management training for secretarial staff

  • personality development seminars

By arrangement with their supervisors employees can also attend external seminars in their special areas of work.

International exchange programmes and cooperation with external partners

Through cooperation with international partner airports employees can take part in exchange programmes and training in specific airport disciplines in all activities carried out by Flughafen Wien AG.

Exchanges of several days’ duration have already taken place, for example, between employees at Vienna, Malta and Munich airports.


  • learn about the procedures in your field at another airport

  • exchange information and experience with colleagues

  • learn best practices and possibilities for improving your own procedures and structures

  • learn about another culture and country and meet new colleagues