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The aviation industry is a dynamic growth sector and a driving force behind the global economy. It connects cities, continents and, above all, people. Vienna Airport is an important hub between Western and Eastern Europe and a gateway to the world. For about 31.7 million passengers, Vienna Airport was the starting and ending point of their journey in 2019.

Vienna Airport has been awarded the “Best Airport Staff” Award by Skytrax for the last 3 years. Well-trained employees are crucial for our further development and the rising demands on quality.

Become part of this successful team. Find out more about the numerous career opportunities at Vienna Airport. We look forward to receiving your application!







Get to know us

We have already proved that we are among the best. Vienna Airport has received the “Best Airport Staff” award from Skytrax for the third time in a row. Get to know a part of this great airport team and get a look into our work environment.


“The coolest thing about my job is the versatility. I deal with people a lot and can be at a customer’s side from their request all the way to assisting them after concluding the contract.” Daniel Jankowsky feels like he is in the right place in real estate asset management. His day-to-day work consists mainly of answering customer requests, creating offers and direct customer support. “Interpersonal and technical understanding as well as numerical knowledge are very important.”


“What I enjoy most is how happy people are when I can answer questions in their language.” Diana Mangel is a terminal guide and works in shifts. Her two work areas are the information desk, where she answers passengers’ questions and provides flight information, and the terminal, where she manages passenger flow and supports the fire brigade, police and rescue personnel. “You need good geographical and linguistic knowledge and have to be able to deal well with people.”


“I work with many different colleagues for each job and get to know people from different parts of the world.” As security personnel, no day is exactly the same for Jennifer Jany. She checks passengers and their luggage for prohibited substances and objects and ensures that all passengers can board their plane safely and happily. “You receive practical and theoretical training in a 4-week course.”


“One of the coolest things about my job is that I can sometimes cruise around in a car between the air planes. It’s always impressive.” Silke Bernögger is responsible for maintenance and operations. She deals with the facilities from commissioning all the way to demolition. “Technical knowledge and a good sense for the requirements are essential.”


“The coolest part of my job is that I can freely schedule my time and be a part of projects from start to finish.” Monika Jochymek is a project manager and together with her team is responsible for 40 buildings at Vienna Airport. Her job includes maintenance, repair and supervision of remodelling work as well as leasing. “You have to have technical knowledge, flexibility, curiosity and commitment.”



“I’m out in front with the air planes, can see the planes from below and enjoy views that others don’t have.” Roman Brunner is in the 4th year of his dual training as systems engineer and machinery and metal construction engineer. The topic of this occupational training is maintenance, repair and trouble shooting for airport systems. “You have to be interested in the job, and you can learn the rest through training.”


“When there are troubles with deployment, I have to jump in and help - usually over the phone or computer. Matthias Karl is a web developer and works in the passenger systems division. His job involves teamwork with his colleagues and is project-based. He designs databases, programs and supports operations with software deployments. “English skills are a must. And you have to find a project that interests you.”

“The coolest thing about my job is being in the middle of the action.” Martin Prandner works as a ground handler, come rain or shine. His duties include the loading and unloading of various aircraft types.

He works as part of the team in shifts, which means that he sometimes works at night. “Physical fitness and the ability to adjust to the working hours are essential.”

“It is really fun to think in business-simulation terms about how the airport can develop in the future with all its tasks and functions.” As part of Flughafen Wien AG management, Julian Jäger is responsible for a wide range of areas such as management of flight operations, IT and technology, security and all operational tasks.


Günther Ofner offers these words of advice for his 14-year old self: “Open your eyes, leave Austria for a while and look beyond your boundaries, and get as much experience as possible.” The daily challenges in his role as management for the Vienna Airport is that “every little thing that happens here at the airport can become an enormous problem for the many people who use this infrastructure.”



Our employees enjoy numerous offers and benefits:

There are slightly different regulations for our subsidiaries.


Employees of Flughafen Wien AG have the opportunity to use the City Airport Train (CAT) free of charge for workplace transportation. Group transportation and our ride-sharing exchange (Drive2VIE) round out the available resources.


Flughafen Wien AG offers a variety of models for scheduling (e.g. flexitime, part-time, shift work, telecommuting).

Flughafen Wien AG operates its own kindergarten with excellent opening hours. Our employees highly appreciate this resource and are happy to use it. 


As part of the “work and family” audit, Vienna Airport was awarded the basic certificate and seal of quality in 2015. As a family-friendly employer, Vienna Airport supports its employees in finding a successful balance between work and family. Some examples of our family-friendly measures:

  • Employee survey incl. work-family

  • compatibility issues

  • Father’s month

  • Emergency and social funds

  • Binding employee meetings

  • Sabbatical and much more.

The employees of Flughafen Wien AG are up to 10% shareholders of the company through the employee fund. After one calendar year, employees are entitled to a dividend-dependent return.

Employees receive a subsidy from Flughafen Wien AG and can use it for meals in numerous restaurants at the airport.

Daily topics are communicated to employees via the intranet. Each quarter, “Blockzeit”, our employee newspaper and our Facebook page “VIE employee activities” provides information about the latest sales and employee activities at the airport shops.

Employees have the opportunity to make purchases at the airport Vienna at reduced prices upon presentation of their VIE pass. 


There is a lot of creativity in the minds of the Flughafen Wien AG employees, which the company would like to use. Employees have the opportunity to make suggestions for improvements based on their experiences, ideas and know-how. If the suggestions for improvement are implemented, the employees receive a bonus.

Flughafen Wien AG has a comprehensive and varied sports club and is very active in culture. 

An ergonomist is tasked with designing healthy workspaces. A fitness centre is available on site to all employees at discounted rates. 

It is particularly important to us that employees exchange information and experiences. Regular events are held for our employees. As part of our “Airport Know-how” events, employees can get to know other colleagues and departments. Direct contact with members of management is the event “Well-attended”, and of course we celebrate our joint success at an annual employee party. We say goodbye to the year together at our Christmas party.

A free outdoor parking space is available to all employees at the Vienna Airport.

We support our employees in difficult life situations. Coaching, counselling and information from an external partner in professional and private matters - This service is available to our employees and their dependants free of charge, and of course it is anonymous and strictly confidential.

Since June 2013, the new cycling route has been available for employees, neighbours, and others who enjoy cycling. Flughafen Wien AG employees have the opportunity to borrow an employee Nextbike for 3 hours free of charge. Your travel to a distant building at the airport, to Schwechat or Fischamend, can be combined with a short trip in the fresh air.


Employees who have the necessary skills and knowledge to work well and meet the challenges of the future are a prerequisite for our success and for achievement of our corporate strategy. That is why the training and further education of our employees is a central element of the personnel strategy at Flughafen Wien AG.

The range of training and further-education opportunities at Vienna Airport is addressed to all professional groups and is tailored to the needs and requirements of the employees in keeping with our strategy. On the one hand, the training and further education takes place on both a regional scale and on a job-specific basis. On the other hand, it is also has an interdisciplinary character through a central further-education program that is available to all employees.

As part of an annual employee meeting, personal development and training is agreed upon, planned and coordinated between management and employees.

In addition to specialised training, we also offer our employees a wide range of personal-skills seminars, language courses and IT trainings.

The “Welcome on Board” event is also specially organised for new employees. Employees can also get an interesting insight into different areas of the airport through the “Airport Know-how” series of events.

There is a tailored development programme for management. Individual development plans are prepared and appropriate further training measures are offered starting with a development centre.

There are also company-wide further education opportunities based on specific themes. Tailored programmes are developed and offered for different target groups as part of this. One example here is the comprehensive training programme for project managers.

Training and further education at the airport is written in capital letters. We would be delighted to welcome you on board soon!