Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Vienna International Airport provides the first - and last - impression of Vienna and Austria for foreign visitors.Flughafen Wien AG has always taken a proactive approach to the sustainable development of both the company and the region, not least because our airport is a focal point of public interest in many respects and is closely interlinked with its region.

Flughafen Wien AG has traded on the stock exchange since 1992 and is therefore under continuous scrutiny by the financially oriented public. Intensive communications with public authorities, customers and suppliers form an integral part of our day-to-day business activities.

Flughafen Wien AG measures sustainable management not only on the basis of economic success, but also in accordance with its capability to minimise the ecological impact of business activities.

This approach is influenced by the conviction that a sustainable increase in the value of a company is only possible when the interests of the various stakeholder groups are taken into account.

Driver for economic growth

Vienna International Airport serves as an important economic driver for the entire region. A study presented by Joanneum Research and the Austrian Economic Research Institute in mid-2007 indicates that 16,000 people worked at the airport site in 2006 and generated revenues of roughly € 3 billion. A further 52,500 jobs and revenues of € 6.3 billion in Austria are directly or indirectly related to Vienna International Airport. These conclusions and the developments in recent years imply that every increase of one million passengers at the airport will create 1,000 additional jobs in the Austrian economy. Accordingly, 20,000 men and women were working at the airport site as of year-end 2012.

International competition makes roughly 1,200 Austrian companies and their 600,000 employees dependent on efficient flight connections. The hub function of Vienna International Airport, which is strengthened by short waiting and transfer times, provides significant benefits for the Austrian Airlines Group with its high share of transfer passengers. International corporations also view Vienna’s transportation network as a positive factor for the selection of a business location, and use this area as a base for their activities in Central and Eastern Europe.

Responsible inviromental policies

Flughafen Wien AG is committed to careful and conscious interaction with the environment and resources. The company collects environmental data through extensive monitoring procedures, and uses this information to define and implement measures for the improvement of everyday work processes. A working group was created, which guarantees the understandability of recommended measures and monitor implementation. This group  also defines target values and document their attainment. For Vienna International Airport, the key environmental challenges are noise and pollution levels as well as the supply of goods, disposal of waste and the efficient use of energy.

The airport’s environmental indicators are published in the internet under and in the “Umwelt Aktuell“ brochure.

Our employees

Identification with the company and motivation

In order to strengthen motivation and identification with the company, the compensation system for the members of the Management Board and first two levels of management includes both fixed and performancebased components. The Flughafen Wien Group does not have a stock option programme.

Employee foundation

An independent private foundation was established in 2000 to give the employees of Flughafen Wien AG an opportunity to participate directly in the success of the company. This foundation holds 10% of the shares in Flughafen Wien AG, and distributes the dividends received on these shares to the company’s employees. Distributions to employees are based on the individual annual gross salary or wage. The administration of the employee foundation is completely independent of Flughafen Wien AG and includes a managing board, supervisory board, and auditor.


The training and continuing education policy of Flughafen Wien AG follows a clear structure. Special programmes have been developed for managers and specific organisational units. An extensive offering of seminars, which is presented in the Intranet, is available to employees after discussions with their supervisors.

Apprenticeship training

The range of apprenticeship programmes offered by the company is extensive and includes office administrator, electrical technician, automobile mechanic/electrician, electrical equipment mechanic, agricultural machinery mechanic, sanitary/air conditioning/ventilation systems technician and machinist. A separate workshop was outfitted for the technical programmes, where theoretical information is provided as an addition to the practice-oriented classes.

Voluntary benefits

Flughafen Wien AG has introduced numerous voluntary measures to meet the needs of its employees in the best way possible. One special example is the award-winning day care centre with extended opening times, which provides parents in shift jobs with excellent facilities for their  children directly at the airport.

The company also provides free transportation via the City Airport Train (CAT) and numerous bus connections to neighbouring communities.

As a support for individual pension planning, Flughafen Wien AG transfers 2.5% of monthly salaries and wages for its employees to a company pension fund, and employees have the option to make a matching contribution of the same amount. In addition, group agreements provide employees with special conditions for supplementary health and accident insurance as well as financial support.

Dialogue with our shareholder

Flughafen Wien AG pursues an active and transparent capital market communications policy that is designed to provide all interest groups with the same comprehensive information on the company at the same time.

In addition to quarterly reports, the company issues monthly announcements on traffic results. Regular presentations are held for analysts and institutional investors, and subsequently made available to the general public on the investor relations homepage of the Flughafen Wien Group for download in English and German.

The management presents on regulary bases ed the latest developments in the Flughafen Wien Group at investor conferences and road shows in Paris, London, Zurich, Frankfurt and the USA.

The company is also represented at the "Gewinnmesse" trade fair for the general investing public in Austria, where private shareholders are given a personal view of Flughafen Wien AG.