Noise Management

flight movements

As part of the mediation process, agreement was also reached between Austro Control and representatives of residents affected by aircraft noise regarding the direction of take-offs and landings.

For safety reasons, aircraft must take-off and land into the wind. The surface wind at the airport therefore determines which take-off and landing runway is to be used and hence the spread of the aircraft over four possible take-off and landing directions. It is a question not just of allocating arriving and departing aircraft to the existing runway system but also the areas over which the aircraft fly. The mediation agreement contains target values for flight distribution, and compliance with these target values is continuously monitored. 

flight tracks

The FANOMOS Flight Track and Noise Monitoring System has been in place at Vienna Airport for over two decades now. All arrivals and departures are analysed not as live images but through recorded flight tracks to monitor compliance with agreed approach and take-off routes and to highlight deviations, i.e. departure from the prescribed corridors.

To ensure transparency, Austro Control und Flughafen Wien offer the possibility of monitoring flight tracks on the Internet. Information on take‑offs and landings at the airport is provided on the basis of radar data. The observation period can be selected as desired to enable the flight movements, altitudes and runway use in different wind conditions to be monitored. The data comply with the strict Austrian data protection regulations and aviation safety requirements.

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aircraft noise

FANOMOS records flight tracks every day of the year and also registers the noise level of passing aircraft from fifteen fixed measuring points in residential areas close to the airport. The necessary radar and flight information data are provided by Austro Control. FANOMOS consolidates the flight data and readings from the measuring points. The route chosen depends on the wind speed, take‑off weight and aircraft type. The data are evaluated in detail and collated in a report posted on the Internet.

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