Dialogue with residents

neighbourhood committee—communication with local inhabitants

Flughafen Wien AG established a Neighbourhood Committee for communication with local residents in 1989. It is composed of the FWAG managing director and the mayors and district heads of Schwechat, Fischamend, Kleinneusiedl, Enzersdorf a.d. Fischa, Schwadorf, Grossenzersdorf and Rauchenwarth, Zwölfaxing and Himberg, and the districts of Donaustadt and Simmering.

Verein Dialogforum

Since the end of the mediation process for the third runway Dialogforum Flughafen Wien has played a key role in dialogue with local residents. It is a non‑profit organisation functioning as an information and communication platform for continuing the dialogue inaugurated during the mediation process with 120 municipalities, the provinces of Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland, and citizens’ action groups. Its members represent around two million people. The Vienna Airport mediation process and Verein Dialogforum Flughafen Wien are regarded worldwide as examples of best practice in open, fair and transparent public participation.

Dialogforum monitors compliance with the agreements concluded during the mediation process and deals with issues, questions and conflicts arising through the development of air traffic and enlargement of the airport. The mediation agreement handles topics such as the position of a possible third runway, night flight restrictions, noise caps, an environment fund and a noise prevention programme. Dialogforum discusses all measures and ideas for reducing the nuisance of air traffic to a minimum.

Further information on Dialogforum can be found here: www.dialogforum.at

Römerland Carnuntum

Vienna Airport lies in the middle of the development axis between the two capital cities Vienna and Bratislava. The intensive cooperation of Flughafen Wien AG with 27 communities and businesses in the “LEADER Region Römerland Carnuntum” allows the potentials of the attractive region for further economic and cultural development to be realised sustainably.

Forward-looking and innovative ideas, which lead to sustainable projects, are in development. As a result, for example, the mobility concept in this region is improved and utilises the multifunctionality of rural areas.

The objective is to involve all relevant development personnel and development areas, so that the invaluable natural and cultural assets and exemplary model in relation to “renewable energy” can be effectively utilised. Projects promoting sustainable regional development, securing and improving local and regional economic cycles and creating awareness and qualifications should be implemented in various functional and economic sectors.


The  Flughafen Wien AG noise protection programme is designed to safeguard the health and wellbeing of people living close to the airport.

From a permanent noise level of over 54 dB during the day and 45 dB at night Vienna Airport assumes 50 to 100 per cent of the cost for the installation of soundproof windows and doors. Under certain circumstances the construction of winter gardens is also subsidised.

The noise protection programme was extended substantially in November 2007 at the instigation of the ARGE citizens’ action group in Dialogforum Flughafen Wien and the mayors of neighbouring municipalities to include citizens who can expect relief under the three-runway system but still suffer under the two-runway system. The extension of the programme is being paid for out of the Flughafen Wien AG environment fund.

The noise protection programme means that Flughafen Wien AG is well under the statutory threshold values. According to the Federal Ambient Noise Protection Regulation, the threshold value for the elaboration of action plans at night is 55 dB. In the airport noise protection programme the corresponding threshold is 45 dB.