Operations and load control

Perfect coordination

We take care of the proper and optimum distribution of the aircraft load. Our ramp agents or “redcaps” coordinate and supervise not only the loading but also the entire turnaround process. They are also the interface between the Vienna Airport services and the customer and function in addition as trouble shooters in the event of disagreements. Finally, we offer our customers flexible services on request such as crew briefing, weather information and push-back support.

Continuous staff training

Our quality standards are extremely high and we are committed to maximum reliability and responsibility. For this reason we have initiated comprehensive on-the-job training programmes for our staff by IATA-certified trainers for handling Dangerous Goods.

Load control with mobile infrastructure

Our mobile infrastructure makes us highly flexible, even for positions far from the terminal. Our vehicles are equipped with a workstation, printer, hand scanner and wireless LAN access for direct connection to the Vienna Airport computer system. All computer-assisted handling processes can be carried out directly at the aircraft.