Cargo handling

The cargo installations at Vienna Airport have direct and central access to the apron and a feeder road to the A4 motorway. This ensures rapid cargo handling for all concerned. Vienna’s special position compared with other airports in the catchment area is backed by services such as:

  • ramp transfer

  • short transfer times

  • handling of bulk good transports

  • 24/7 operation

  • IATA standard SGH/Annex A and/or special agreements

  • jointly developed handling packages in accordance with individual customer requirements

  • short handling times (reference)

Unless otherwise agreed, physical cargo handling is on the basis of IATA SGHA 2004 according to AHM 24th Edition 2004 and the liability regulations therein and the relevant provisions of the VIE Freight Handling Regulations as most recently amended.

Import preparation

  • scheduled flights

    • 180 minutes after scheduled arrival for standard freight

    • special freight on request

  • ad-hoc and charter flights

    • standard and special freight only by prior arrangement

Export - acceptance of ready-to-ship freight

  • scheduled flights standard freight:

    • non-ULD aircraft: 180 minutes before scheduled take-off

    • ULD aircraft: 240 minutes before scheduled take-off

  • scheduled flights special freight: only by prior arrangement

  • ad-hoc and charter flights: standard and special freight only by prior arrangement

Cargo aircraft

  • import preparation: 360 minutes after scheduled arrival

  • export - acceptance of ready-to-ship freight

    • non-ULD or ULD cargo aircraft: 360 minutes before scheduled take-off


  • bulk to bulk: 240 minutes

  • bulk to RFS and vice versa: 540 minutes

  • ULD to bulk and vice versa: 540 minutes

  • RFS to ULD and vice versa: 360 minutes

  • transit units: 240 minutes

  • TRU: 240 minutes

Note that scheduled flights have priority over non-regular flights.




office and storage space for transporters

15,300 m²

customs warehouse

28,000 m²

import warehouse

6,700 m²

export warehouse

4,500 m²

road feeder terminal

1,755 m²

warehouse for perishable goods between +2°C and +8°C (to order)


cold store

+ 4° C

deep freeze

- 25° C

Dangerous Goods storage


valuable goods store/safe


AVI store and handling certified as entry point for all EU Member States


Pallet stations

RFS terminal

  • two 10-foot stations

  • one 20-foot station

Special areas for freight handling of wide-bodied aircraft

  • four 10-foot positions

Export terminal

  • three 10-foot positions

Road feeder terminal

  • location: short distance to the road and the aircraft through direct access to apron

  • eight vehicle handling positions

  • two automatic vehicle loading bridges

  • two 10-foot and one 20-foot pallet stations

  • four 10-foot stations in special area for handling of wide-bodied aircraft

  • 10-minute turnaround time for pallet and/or container vehicles with four in/out units

Customs warehouse

  • first-class customs house authorised for all types of customs clearance for duty-free and non-duty-free traffic

  • 24-hour handling and customs clearance

  • storage under customs supervision

  • warehouse and distribution

  • computer interface between airport and transporters speeds up and facilitates freight movement and cuts down on red tape = greater flexibility

  • all features of a duty-free zone