Parking for travel agencies & frequent flyer

Find out about our attractive, reduced-rate parking products for your agency customers, for business travellers and frequent flyer wishing to arrive by car.

Time Cards - cHEAP & ConvEnient Parking

Travel agencies and travel departments have the possibility at Vienna Airport of obtaining time cards for car park C and for the multi-storey car parks 3+4 for travel lasting 4 days or more.

Time cards reduce the amount to be paid for parking. Unused time will not be credited and the card will be cancelled. Time cards can be combined to pay for the parking, and excess time has to be paid for by credit card, debit card or cash. 

The minimum order for time cards is 10 cards per category. They can be obtained using the order form below or directly at the ticket desk in multi-storey car park 4.

You can find detailed information on obtaining time cards and the parking possibilities here:

Time Cards 2018/2019 (PDF, 1.28 MB)
Parking map (PDF, 0.19 MB)
Fill out the form below to order your required amount of time cards simple and convenient!

Vienna Airport Executive Card

Experience exclusive VIP services at Vienna Airport and get the must-have for all frequent flyer and business traveller.

Priority access to security control at Terminals 1 & 3

Admission to all fast lanes at Vienna Airport

Unlimited parking in our multi storey car parks 3 & 4

Access to various Airport Vienna Lounges

Left luggage services for free

Free arrival with the City Aiport Train

You can find detailed information on the Vienna Airport Executive Card benefits here:

Fill out the form below and get your Vienna Airport Executive Card for € 250,- per month (plus 20 % VAT)

Prepaid Cards - save 10 %

Prepaid cards offer the possibility of parking at Vienna Airport for 10 per cent less than the normal tariff.

They can be used in multi-storey car parks 3 and 4, car park C and short-term car parks K1, K3 and K4. The parking fee will be deducted from the value on the card. The amount remaining can be seen by introducing the card into a ticket payment machine at the airport.

Prepaid cards can be combined, and excess time can also be paid by credit card, debit card or cash.

Two categories of cards are available:

  • €  50 cards for € 45 and
  • € 100 cards for € 90
Fill out the form below to order your required amount of prepaid cards simple and convenient!

Order form for time cards, prepaid cards and the Vienna Airport Executive Card


A) Vienna Airport Executive Card

I hereby order the Vienna Airport Executive Card at a cost of € 2,940.00 plus 20% VAT. (= € 3,528.00) for 12 months.

On receipt of the order we shall process it and send the invoice. On receipt of payment you will be sent your „Vienna Airport Executive Card“.

Inscription on card:

B) Time cards

Multi-storey car parks 3 + 4

Minimum order 10 cards in each category.

Car park C

C) Prepaid cards

General terms and conditions

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