permanent airport identity card

How to obtain a permanent airport identity card

  1. Your company is located at the Vienna Airport or is commissioned by a company located at the Vienna Airport to carry out activities.

  2. You can fill in the template online and print it.

  3. The formula must be submitted with the stamp and signature of the employer and the signature of the VIE contractor to the identity card station at terminal 3. (The signature of the VIE contractor is not required for Flughafen Wien AG)

  4. The documents will be checked. The identity card station will conduct a background check (duration: 28 days) and inform you of the date you can begin your security training. The security training takes place Monday – Thursday (on work days) at 8:30 and 13:00.

  5. After you complete the security training successfully, you will receive your airport identity card.

Opening hours for the identity card station

Identity Card Station  
Mo. – Thur.  07:00 – 18:00
Fr. 07:00 – 16:30


Public areas

  • BW – Office and workshop premises  

Restricted areas

  • TR – Transit

Secure area

  • TG – Transit gate

  • FR – Freight

  • VO – Ramp

  • GZ – Baggage sorting area

  • UM – Bypass road

  • RW – Taxiways

  • PI – Runways

  • LFZ – Aircraft

  • OS Basis – Austrian premises