Airport ID Card

Due to EU regulations concerning aviation security, Flughafen Wien AG (=VIE) is required to secure the airport premises. Access to the landside and airside areas is therefore permitted for authorised persons only.

Who needs an airport ID card

See the explainer video.

You can apply for an airport ID card in the so called “ID card and authorization management system” (=Ausweisberechtigungs- und -verwaltungssystem = ABV)

How do you apply for an airport ID card

See the explainer video.



Your company is located at the Vienna Airport or is commissioned by a company located at the Vienna Airport to carry out activities.

  1. You can apply for an airport ID card digitally in the ABV system

  2. The contractor in the ABV system will place a new order for you

  3. You will receive a link and your log in data via email to the ABV system

  4. As soon as you apply for an airport ID card for your employees, using the function "Personal ID card application" in the ABV system, an official background check is initiated (duration: 28 days)

  5. The ID card recipients must take part in the EU-compliant security training after the 28 days have elapsed. The safety training courses take place Monday - Thursday (on working days) punctually at 8:30 am and must be booked online via the ABV system.

All participants are asked to show up at the Airport ID Card Office on good time, since waiting times should be expected when registering. The official photo ID and the QR code must be brought with you.

Step by step instructions

You can find a detailed step-by-step-instruction for the ABV system within the following video tutorials:

How to place a new order in the ABV system

Instruction for employees of Vienna Airport

How to apply for a single person in the ABV system

Instruction for external companies / contractors

How to book a spot at the security awareness training

Instruction for everybody, who has to take part at the training

How to administrate persons, vehicles and subcontractors in the ABV system

Detailed instruction for external companies / contractors


Public Areas

  • BW – Office and workshop premises   

Restricted areas

  • TR – Transit

Secure area

  • TG – Transit gate

  • FR – Air Cargo Center

  • VO – Apron

  • GZ – Baggage Handling Center

  • LFZ – Aircraft

  • FB – Flight Base