CLC by Vienna Airport

If you are interested in Centralized Load Control by Vienna Airport, please do not hesitate to contact our team for further information:   

Roland Vago-Wind Head of Load Control



CLC by VIE keypoints
  • MACH2-Weight & Balance is an IN-HOUSE developed web-based Load Control system

  • MACH2-Weight & Balance offers a wide and flexible range of adjustments

  • MACH2-Weight & Balance is a SIMPLE TOOL that can be used on any device without any additional software

  • MACH2-Weight & Balance is continuously enhanced to meet market requirements and trends

  • MACH2-Weight & Balance is certified worldwide certificated on common CUTE networks (for example, SITA, ARINC …)

  • MACH2-Weight & Balance is friendly to ACARS or EMAIL sending

  • It is essential for us that there are no compromises to security in data transmission & data management is essential for us

  • MACH2-Weight & Balance guarantees strong flexibility regarding connectivity & communication with common DCS´s (for example, SABRE, ALTEA …)

  • MACH2-Weight & Balance is able to send loadsheets/loadplans/other documents on any platform – as preferred by the customer

  • NO step-by-step system – always possible to overcome or return to any step during the handling process based on the accepted and safe operational procedures

  • MACH2-Weight & Balance is a solo-driven system that can follow any specification of handling procedures

  • Always ready to update/adjust/develop MACH2-Weight & Balance as requested by the customer 

  • Strong focus on accepted A/L procedures towards fuel-saving load planning

  • Statistical review of Load Control performance based on procedures of monitor & time limits & load planning

  • High Load Control service quality starts with effective loading instructions by VIE CLC

  • Smart infrastructure & connection to provide safe & simple operation

  • Not only is there permanent development on the Load Control side, but also on the Ramp side – we understand CLC as a complete operational process

  • Innovative steps towards the future (smart solutions are the key)

  • Ramp Agent “mobile office” developed and ready – ALL IN 1 (PDA + PRINTER)

  • Each of our Load Controllers must have rich experience in Ramp Ops

  • Every Load Controller meets high standards in customer service & communication

  • Each team is trained within accepted business standards

  • Wide range of different Aircraft types within our Load Control service offering

  • Each team is in permanent development –IATA-trainer certification has recently been added

  • Assigned trainers within Load Control team (procedures, other worldwide known DCS systems, special ACFT types) 

  • Easy to learn, easy to implement, easy to use and compatible with smart devices

  • Safety monitors in place within all handling process // EZFW – LOADPLAN – LOADSHEET – LMC/LDM messages are defined checkpoints, where correct data transmission is constantly verified

  • No compromise regarding safety, but huge step towards simplicity of handling procedures

  • Very convenient CHAT-BOX function is implemented within MACH2-Weight & Balance

  • Communication between Load Controller and Ramp Agent is recorded/monitored/archived

  • CHAT-BOX is very useful tool for investigation followed by corrective action specification for irregular events

  • Final Loading Sequence must be transmitted by Ramp via “FINAL PROPOSAL” which can then be verified/accepted by Load Controller within seconds

  • User-friendly system saves training costs & time