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What Vienna Airport offers its customers

Offices & Counters for Airlines

Office space is available for rent, both in the operations buildings and in the terminal, near the apron.

Sales/ticket counters are available for rent in the central passenger terminal.


Flughafen Wien AG has its own telecommunications department, which is available to you around the clock. Below you will find important information as well as excerpts from our services:

  • Telephone, fax, cell phone, radio sets and SITA lines are provided by Flughafen Wien AG.
    • Various telephone sets are tailored to individual customer needs.
    • Permission to operate SITA lines must be obtained from the Vienna branch of SITA, Mariahilferstrasse 123/3, 1060 Vienna, Tel.: +43-1-59999-0.
      You can also contact the Aviation Terminal Operations team of Flughafen Wien AG for assistance with registration.
    • Fax (if required) must be provided by the customers themselves.  
  • Handsets, exclusively operational on the airport premises, are available and can be provided by Flughafen Wien AG.
  • Company radio frequencies incl. radio equipment must be provided by the customers themselves if required. The required registration must be carried out at the BMVIT ( The Aviation Terminal Operations Team of Flughafen Wien AG will be pleased to assist you with the registration process.
  • SITA/CUTE is available at all 107 check-in counters.

Apron handling

At Vienna Airport, ramp handling services are provided by Flughafen Wien AG with its own equipment and personnel. Below are some examples of the handling services offered:

  • Baggage handling based on a wireless Baggage Reconciliation System.
  • Passenger transport to and from aircraft
  • Loading and unloading of baggage, cargo and mail
  • Cabin cleaning
  • Toilet and water service
  • unloading, loading, storage and transport of catering
  • Start-up support
  • Push Back
  • De-icing of aircraft including final check

Standards and contents of the services comply with IATA standards according to the Airport Handling Manual (AHM).

Traffic handling

The Vienna Airport team is at your disposal as a fast & competent partner around the clock. Traffic handling services are provided by Flughafen Wien AG in accordance with the conditions and requirements of the individual airlines and in accordance with the IATA Airport Handling Manual.

  • Control of loading
  • Communication
  • Monitoring tasks
  • Weather information
  • Notam Services
  • Crew Briefing
  • Start-up and push-back support

Traffic handling services are provided by Flughafen Wien AG with its own equipment and its own trained and certified personnel.

In addition, the following companies also provide traffic handling services at Vienna International Airport:

Airline Assistance Switzerland AG

Aircraft Maintenance (Austrian/ Fl Technics/ KLM/ Nayak)

Aircraft maintenance services are offered at Vienna Airport by the following companies:

Austrian Airlines

Contact: Mr. Peter Babunek
Telefon: +43-5-1766-62302
Fax: +43-5-1766-62362

FL Technics

Contact: Mrs. Monika Vaitiekūnaitė
Telefon: +370 691 21185


Contact: Mr. Nicholas Yaetes
Telefon: +43-1-7007-32659

Nayak Aircraft Services

Contact: Mrs. Bianca Richter
Telefon: +49 (211) 542 465 33
Mobil: +49 170 3760861

Security Services

A special unit of the Federal Police provides protection and security at Vienna Airport. It is supported by an anti-terrorist combat unit, the Cranes. This unit is equipped with helicopters, armed vehicles and state-of-the-art equipment.

Security services related to passenger handling are provided by the following governmental or non-governmental companies:

VIAS - Vienna International Airport Security Services GesmbH.

Services offered:
  • Checking of hand luggage and passengers forms an important part of passenger security.
  • Special security requirements such as passenger check-in screening, passport control and visa requirements, additional security measures while the aircraft is "on block".
  • Hold-baggage screening is also performed at the request of the airline.

Contact: Tel: +43-1-7007-22274,, SITA: viefw7x

ICTS / LIS Security Consulting Ltd.

Services offered:
  • Contracted services according to airline requirements.
Contact: Tel: +43-1-7007-35587 or 35588

Fire Department/Emergency Service

The fire department/emergency service of Vienna Airport is permanently on standby and positioned at two independent locations. Any point on the runways, taxiway system and apron area can be reached from these locations within three minutes. Their responsibility also includes the recovery of damaged aircraft of all sizes. Unit members have state-of-the-art firefighting equipment, recovery vehicles and facilities.

Clinic/Medical Care

The Vienna Airport Medical Center is located next to the domestic gates in the central terminal area. Equipped with doctors, paramedics and trained nurses, it provides first aid 24 hours a day. The Medical Center is also a WHO-recognized vaccination center, where all vaccinations and travel medicine advice are available around the clock.

Contact: Tel: +43-1-7007-22245


FSH Airport Schwechat Hydrant Company

Vienna Airport has an underground refueling system. The operator for this is FSH Flughafen Schwechat Hydrantengesellschaft.  

Contact: Current contact details can be found on the website

Skytanking Austria GmbH 

Refueling Service Into Plane and General Aviation (representing Q8 Aviation, VITOL)
Contact: Mr. Marko Schulze
Tel: +43-1-7007-37597

ARC Aircraft Refueling Company Ges.m.b.H.

Refueling service for all other airlines (representing petroleum companies Air BP, ENI, Shell, OMV, Air Total)

Contact: Mr. Klaus Pastner
Tel.: +43-1-7007-32723

OMV Refining & Marketing GmbH

Contact: Mr. Fabian Wedam
Tel.: +43-1-40440-22681

VIP & Business Service VIP & GAC

Our exclusive VIP & Business Service provides clients with facilities suitable for many different types of events - press conferences, product launches, and more.

Info on VIP & BUSINESS Service

Info on General Aviation and Conferences

Shopping, hotel, conferences

A wide range of offerings is available to all passengers in 80 stores and 23 food and beverage establishments. The offer ranges from duty free, renowned international brands, electronics, fashion and accessories, Austrian souvenirs, products for daily use, to the traditional Viennese café house.

The  4-star NH Hotel is located next to the terminal area, as is the Office Park III, which provides a high-quality organizational setting for conferences and meetings.

Seamless connectivity

Vienna's city center is about 15 km away. Dedicated airport buses take travelers directly to Vienna's city center and other central points every 20 minutes. Up-to-date train connections to and from Vienna are offered every 30 minutes. The  City Airport Train (CAT), a direct train connection from the City Air Terminal Wien-Mitte to the airport, offers a 16-minute stress-free ride to and from the airport.