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Security culture

If you notice something, report it!

This website provides information about our security culture. You can report any observations here quickly and easily.

An active security culture is everyone’s responsibility

An active security culture is important because it is also your responsibility to ensure that aviation is safe and secure.

Unsafe situations can lead to significant disruptions of public life, put you and your job at risk, and in the worst case even cause great human suffering. You and every other person in aviation contribute to making aviation secure by being vigilant.

Reports about incidents that become known to the public often indicate that “bystanders” frequently “suspected” or even knew that something was not right, but did not trust their gut feeling and did not report their observations because they did not want to insinuate that the person was doing something wrong or they did not want to betray a colleague, and because they allayed their concerns with the thought that these people are otherwise “on the level”.

In other cases, employees themselves became victims because they were pressured to break security policies or circumvent controls.

Contact information

Your contact details help us to process your report (for example if we have questions). If you wish to remain anonymous, you do not have to fill this out.


Note, if you wish to remain anonymous, we ask that you provide as detailed a description as possible.

Attach a file

The maximum permitted file size is 8 MB. Only the following file types can be attached: gif, jpg, jpeg, png. In addition, a maximum of 5 files may be uploaded.

What can I report here?

All observations and incidents that require no immediate action, but that are nevertheless unusual and that may represent a security risk.

The following examples illustrate in what cases you should submit a report through the website:

I drive for a known supplier that makes regular deliveries to the airport. My job is to protect these deliveries. My supervisor pressured me to bring along a small package with me on my next run to the airport and get it through the checkpoint, and paid me money to do this. He did not want to tell me what is in the package. He was even surly and said that if I don’t do what he is asking, I can go home. I don’t want to lose my job, but I also don’t want to do anything wrong.
=> Report through the website

My colleague used to be a lively and fun person. A couple months ago, I noticed that she was withdrawing. At first, I thought it was because of work. We have a lot to do. I tried to talk to her. But she was just dismissive. She has continued to change. Multiple times a day, I could not find her. She avoided my questions: “a quick break”, “I just had to take care of something”, “don’t worry, everything is all right”. We shared a shift again yesterday, and I had to serve all the customers by myself and also stock the shelves. I couldn’t be everywhere at the same time. This is not like my colleague at all. She was always a hard and conscientious worker. When I asked her to help me, she said that soon, the day would come when an empty till would be the least of the worries “of us non-believers”. => Report through the website

A friend sent me a picture yesterday, and asked if that isn’t my colleague in the picture. He stumbled upon the picture on the Internet. The picture shows my colleague with extremist symbols and making extremist gestures.=> Report through the website

I work the security checkpoints. Three weeks ago, an airline employee asked me how she can go through the portal so it does not beep. I told her I am not allowed to talk about details of the security checks. Yesterday, I found out from a colleague that the same airline employee asked him the same thing, and also whether the fence around the airport is under surveillance 24 hours a day, and how high it is. He was taken aback. Why does she want to know that when she has nothing to do with these security things?=> Report through the website

While working at the checkpoint, I have noticed that we have frequently been observed conducting security checks by people in a strange vehicle, and that they have even taken pictures. I wrote down the licence plate number just in case.=> Report through the website

I work as a baggage handler. My new colleague does not seem to be very interested in the work. I have the feeling that all he really cares about is finding out whether and where baggage is screened, and how strict the security checks at the airport are. => Report through the website

Other reports

Please report messages that require immediate intervention, directly to the Security Operation Center (SOC) at extension 25666 or +43-1-7007-25666.

The following examples are intended to show in which cases you should immediately notify the Security Operation Center and follow its instructions:

  • I see a piece of unattended luggage, with no one standing close by. I ask people standing farther away if it belongs to any of them, but it does not belong to anyone. => Call immediately!

  • I notice a door that is damaged, has been wedged open, or is open. It is supposed to be closed, because it may only be used by personnel with an airport ID. => Call immediately!

  • An outside person goes through a door into an access-controlled area with me. I ask the person to leave the area, but he refuses to obey. => Call immediately!

  • I notice the alarm on an emergency door going off, and see people entering/leaving and mingling among other passengers. => Call immediately!

  • On the way to work / way home from work, I notice a person handling weapons or dangerous objects near the terminal building. => Call immediately!

  • A person is acting very unusually in the terminal, and seems to be very tense or to be under tremendous stress. => Call immediately!

What happens after I file a report, and who has access to it?

You will be protected in any case as the person making the report, and your information will be treated confidentially. The report is sent directly to the responsible office, and is not saved on publicly accessible servers.

Every report is taken seriously and is carefully investigated.

In accordance with the principle that it is better to check once too often than not at all, it is no problem to find out that the observation represents no potential security risk at this time.

It is also ensured, however, that this reporting instrument cannot be used for mobbing or bullying purposes.