Passengers (terminals)

The terminal is owned and operated by Flughafen Wien AG.

VIE has one central arrival hall. Check-In is divided into areas with a total amount of 128 Check-in counters. All gates are within a short walking distance from the terminal area.

  • Gates B & C (Schengen): 12 jet bridges, 17 bus gates

  • Gates D (Non-Schengen): 8 jet bridges, 16 bus gates

  • Gates F (Schengen): 33 Gates: 17 jet bridges, 12 bus gates (4 Gates for boarding via jet bridge or bus)

  • Gates G (Non-Schengen): 15 Gates: 15 jet bridges (14 can also be used as bus gates)

Passenger check-in

Vienna Airport operates a common check-in principle with dedicated check-in possible if enough counters are available in the desired time period. All check-in areas offer the same counter infrastructure including communication-, weighing-, and conveyor-technology and check-in systems via CUTE. A further ten check-in counters are available at the city check-in at Wien-Mitte City Air Terminal, offering the functionality of an international airport in the city centre.


Vienna city centre is around 15 km away. Airport buses operate at 20-minute intervals, bringing passengers to the city centre and other central destinations. Trains leave for Vienna every 30 minutes. The comfortable City Airport Train (CAT), a direct connection from the Wien-Mitte City Air Terminal to the airport, has a journey time of 16 minutes.

Passenger handling is offered by the following companies:





AAS Vienna 

VIEAPXH +41-76-433-7488  



+43-5-1766 1000

Vienna Airport Ground
Handling Services




VIP & business service, VIP & GAC

Our exclusive VIP & BUSINESS service offers facilities for various types of events - press conferences, product presentations and much more.

Information on VIP & BUSINESS service

Information on general aviation and conferences

Shopping, hotels, conferences

A wide selection of eighty shops and twenty-three restaurants is available to passengers. Amenities include duty-free, renowned international brands, electronics, fashion and accessories, Austrian souvenirs, daily requirements and a traditional Viennese coffee house. The 4-star NH Hotel is close to the terminal area, as is Office Park III, which offers a high-quality organisational infrastructure for conferences and meetings.