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Head of Operations / Senior Vice President Operations

Mr. Nikolaus Gretzmacher
Tel: +43-1-7007-22052

Aviation Development

Mrs. Belina Neumann
Tel: +43-1-7007-23705
Fax. +43-1-7007-22120

Route Development

Mrs. Eszter Almasi (Eastern, Northern & Southern Europe and Southern America)

Mrs. Carolin Drott (Western-/Central Europe and The Americas)

Mrs. Ursula Pusch (East Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania)

Mr. Sebastian Wolf (Eastern Europe, Middle East, Western/Southern and Central Asia

Marketing & Communication

Mrs. Ursula Pusch

Charges and Contracts

Mr. Stefan Ehrengruber
Tel: +43-1-7007-23380

Mr. Andreas Donis
Tel: +43-1-7007-28317

Fr. Petra Janko
Tel: +43-1-7007-23715


Handling Services

Vienna Airport Handling Services

Mr. Matthias Müllner
Tel: +43-1-7007-22290 
Fax: +43-1-7007-25733

AAS Vienna

Mr. Erik Strandgren
Tel: +41-76-433-7488

Passenger Handling

Austrian Airlines

Tel: +43-5-1766-1000

AAS Vienna

Mr. Erik Strandgren
Tel: +41-76-433-7488

Vienna Airport Handling Services 

Mr. Alexander Wasserbauer
Tel: +43-1-7007-22290 
Fax: +43-1-7007-25733

Freight Services

Flughafen Wien Cargo Handling

Mr. Bernd Strasser
Head of  GB-V/VCS Customs & Documentation
Tel: +43-1-7007-22073
Fax: +43-1-7007-23359

Swissport Cargo Services Austria

Mr. Andreas Ottendorf
Tel: +43-1-7007-34466
Fax: +43-1-7007-34487

Security and Authorities

Mr. Manfred Wimmer
Tel: +43-1-7007-26837

Mr. Matthias Zahn
Tel: +43-664-835-56-57

Further contacts

Ombudsman’s Office for Security and Security Control

Fire department

Clinic/Medical Center

Slot Coordination

Schedule Coordination Austria (SCA)

Business division
Tel: +43-1-7007-23600 (not for slot requests)

Slot Request Scheduled and Charter Aviation

Tel: +43-1-7007-23610

Slot Request General-/Business Aviation

Tel: +43-1-7007-22345