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For the purpose of sending out the Aviation Newsletter by electronic means, Flughafen Wien AG, A-1300 Wien Flughafen, Austria, Postfach 1, DVR: 0008613, registered with Landesgericht/District Court: Korneuburg, under No. 42984m, (“VIE”) collects, stores, processes and maintains personal data in the extent of the first and last name of the recipient, their email address and their company name (together the "Personal Data") in accordance with applicable laws. The Personal Data are collected, stored, processed and maintained in VIE's internal database. None of the Personal data are disclosed or passed on to any person/company. Granting consent to receive Aviation Newsletter by electronic means is voluntary and can be withdrawn free of charge at any time. It is necessary to provide the Personal Data when granting consent to receive Aviation Newsletter by electronic means to document that VIE has obtained a valid consent. VIE will not send out Aviation Newsletter without receiving this information. VIE informs the recipients of Aviation Newsletter that they have the right of access to their Personal Data, which means that they are entitled to request VIE in writing by sending an email to for an explanation what personal data are processed or correction of incorrect data or deletion, if the Personal Data are processed in violation of applicable law, of their Personal Data. If VIE or its processor fails to accommodate their request for explanation or in any other case of asserted breach of the Data Protection Act, they are entitled to submit a filing to the Data Protection Commission. Claims for correction of deletion of Personal Data must be filed with the competent civil court.