Air Cargo Centre

The freight handling facilities are within the customs warehouse at Vienna Airport and have direct access to the apron, thereby facilitating the flow between the airport and dispatcher. Modern systems and software guarantee optimum integration of all involved partners such as airlines, airports, customs and transport companies.

The VIE cargo terminal has wireless LAN and an EDI (electronic data interchange) system for rapid processing of forms, efficient control of stored items and uniform data access.

The terminal belongs to and is operated by Flughafen Wien AG. 

Freight handling

  • physical freight handling offered by Flughafen Wien AG

  • 24-hour operations

  • freight handling by the transport company or by the Austrian Airlines Group or SFS, Flughafen Wien AG’s operating partners

  • FFM, FSU or FSA notification



office and storage space for shippers

15,300 m²

customs warehouse

28,000 m²

import warehouse

6,700 m²

export warehouse

4,500 m²

road feeder terminal

1,755 m²

warehouse for perishable goods between +2°C and +8°C (as required)


cold store

+ 4° C

freezer store

- 25° C

hazardous goods store


valuable goods store/safe


AVI warehouse and handling certified as entrance point for all European Union member states

Pallet stations:

RFS Terminal 

  • two 10-foot positions

  • one 20-foot position

Special areas for freight handling of large-body aircraft

  • four 10-foot positions 


  • three 10-foot positions

Road feeder terminal

  • Position: a short distance from the road and to all aircraft thanks to direct apron access

  • 8 HGV positions

  • 2 automatic HGV loading bridges

  • two 10-foot and one 20-foot pallet stations

  • four 10-foot positions in the special area for freight handling of large-body aircraft

  • 10-minute turnaround time for pallet and/or container lorries with four in and out units each

Customs warehouse

  • first-class customs office authorised for all kinds of customs clearance

  • 24-hour handling and customs clearance services

  • storage under customs supervision

  • storage and distribution

  • IT interface between airport and shippers facilities flow of goods and reduces paperwork = greater flexibility

  • all facilities of a duty-free zone 

Handling Standards 

Minimum handling times for export goods:

  • standard large freight: 120 minutes before scheduled departure

  • standard ULD: 180 minutes before scheduled departure

  • priority / LMC cargo: 60 minutes before scheduled departure

Minimum handling times for urgent deliveries:

  • standard freight: 180

  • priority cargo: 90 minutes after planned arrival time