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Shop Premiere in Austria: Sprüngli opens at Vienna Airport
Vienna Airport is the first Austrian location with a Sprüngli store: the most well-known Swiss maker of chocolate delicacies is now offering its popular product line of the finest confectionery in Terminal 3 near the G gates. Customers will find exquisite pralines and truffes, iconic Luxemburgerli macaroons and fresh broken chocolate, individually arranged at a separate Chocolathèque. Chocolate creations are produced in accordance with closely guarded recipes and are handmade. Sprüngli has emerged as a symbol of Switzerland and is now represented in Austria for the first time.   
“I am extremely pleased with the fact that Sprüngli selected Vienna Airport as its first Austrian store location. This traditional Swiss brand stands for the highest quality and more than 180 years of experience in manufacturing chocolates. People can enjoy Sprüngli chocolate at the new airport shop and take in on their journey. The store is a great complement to the airport’s existing brand offering,” states Julian Jäger, Joint CEO and COO of Vienna Airport.
“Vienna Airport is the ideal location for us to also present our chocolate boutique in Austria for the first time - featuring delectable chocolates created with passion and in the tradition of craftmanship. As a premium Swiss brand, what connects us are shared values such as a holistic quality and service concept and a sense for exclusivity and innovation,” says Tomas Prenosil, Chairman of the Board of Sprüngli.
Sprüngli shop in Terminal 3 with confectionery and exclusive Christmas presents
Passengers will find the new Sprüngli shop in Terminal 3 behind the security and passport checkpoints near the G gates. Each day travellers will discover a broad range of handmade own creations in a store covering 45m² open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Fresh broken chocolate pieces from the finest ingredients can be individually arranged according to customers wishes in a separate chocolate making space, the Chocolathèque. The finest pralines and truffles, either pre-sorted and packed or individually selected, are a real treat for true chocolate lovers. Similarly, the natural, delicate and light “Luxemburgerli” macaroons from Sprüngli made without artificial colourings also invite customers to enjoy a real delight. The shop also offers a large selection of exclusive creative chocolate creations at Christmas time.
Sprüngli – Haut Chocolatier since 1836
The Swiss company Sprüngli was founded in 1836 and played a major role in establishing the reputation of Swiss chocolate today as the best in the world. Today the company is managed in the sixth generation. Sprüngli, pioneer of the Grand Cru chocolates, processes the finest cocoa beans from the best provinces in the world and pays attention to ensuring sensitive handling of nature and conserving natural resources. The pure selection of original premium cocoa beans combined with the intensive taste of delicate aromas makes the Sprüngli Grand Cru chocolate in a rare delicacy - pure, authentic pleasure of the highest quality. The company is mainly represented in Switzerland, but also in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Munich and now at Vienna Airport. More information can be found at and
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