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Corporate Social Responsibility

Flughafen Wien Group has always been committed to playing an active role in the sustainable development of both the company and the region,

not least because the airport is in the focus of public interest in many respects and has a close relationship with its surroundings. For many foreign guests, Vienna Airport is their first - and last - impression of Vienna and Austria.

Flughafen Wien Group has been listed on the stock exchange since 1992 and is thus under constant observation by the stock exchange public.  Intensive communication with authorities, customers and suppliers is part of everyday business life.

Vienna Airport understands sustainable corporate management to mean not only being economically successful, but also keeping the negative ecological impact of its business activities to a minimum.

This orientation is also characterised by the conviction that a sustainable increase in the value of the company is only possible with the involvement of the various interest groups.

Airport as an economic engine

Vienna Airport serves as an important economic engine for its region. A study presented by Joanneum Research and the Economic Research Institute in mid-2007 shows that a total of 16,000 people were employed at the site in 2006, generating a total turnover of around €3 billion. A further 52,500 jobs and a turnover of € 6.3 billion throughout Austria are directly or indirectly related to the airport location. Based on these findings and the developments of previous years, it can be deduced that an increase in traffic of one million passengers will create 1,000 additional jobs. By the end of 2013, 20,000 people would therefore already be employed at the site.

Around 1,200 Austrian companies and their 600,000 employees depend on efficient flight connections due to international competition. The Austrian Airlines Group, with its high proportion of transfer passengers, benefits greatly from Vienna Airport's hub function, which is favoured by short waiting and transfer times. But international groups also appreciate Vienna's transport advantages when choosing their location and start their activities in Central and Eastern Europe from here.

Responsible environmental policy

Vienna Airport is expressly committed to a careful and conscious approach to the environment and the resources used. Environmentally relevant data is collected through broad-based monitoring in order to be able to identify potential for improvement and implement it in daily processes. A working group has been set up to ensure the traceability of measures and developments. It also defines  further target values and documents their implementation. The greatest environmental challenges are noise and pollutant emissions, supply and disposal, and increasing energy efficiency. Environmental data are published on the website at: and in the brochure "Umwelt Aktuell".

Our staff

Corporate identification and motivation

Performance-related salary components have been agreed with the Executive Board and employees at the first and second management levels to promote motivation and corporate identification. A stock option programme has not been established.

Employee foundation

In order to ensure that all employees of Flughafen Wien Group participate directly in the success of the company, an independent private foundation was established in 2000. It holds 10% of the shares of Flughafen Wien Group AG and has the purpose of distributing the proceeds from this investment to the employees of Flughafen Wien Group in the year in which they are received. The distribution is made in accordance with the annual gross base salaries. The foundation board, the advisory board and the foundation auditor form the bodies of the employee foundation defined in the articles of association and acting completely independently of FlughafenWien AG.

Training and further education

The training and further education policy of Flughafen Wien Group is clearly structured. Targeted focus programmes are offered for managers and organisational units with special training needs. A broad range of seminars, presented on the intranet, is open to all employees after consultation with their superiors.

Apprenticeship training

The range of apprenticeships extends from office clerk to electrical operations technician, motor vehicle technician/electrician, electrical systems technician, agricultural machinery technician, sanitary/air conditioning/ventilation technician and machine production technician. A separate training workshop is run for the technical apprenticeships.

Voluntary social benefits

Flughafen Wien Group endeavours to take the needs of its employees into account in the best possible way through numerous voluntary measures. For example, a multi-award-winning company kindergarten with extended opening hours has been set up, which also provides employees on shift work with excellent care for their children.

Both the City Airport Train (CAT) and numerous bus connections to the surrounding communities can be used as free company transport.

To support individual pension provision, 2.5 per cent of the respective monthly salary is paid as an employer contribution to a company pension fund. In addition, better conditions for additional health and accident insurance are made possible for employees through group agreements and financial support is offered.

Dialogue with our shareholders

The active and clear capital market communications of Flughafen Wien Group provide all stakeholders with simultaneous access to information on current developments in the company. In addition to quarterly reports, monthly reports are prepared on the development of traffic. In addition, detailed presentations of results are made regularly for analysts and institutional investors. All information is available for download in German and English on the Investor Relations homepage of the Vienna Airport Group.

Management presents the latest developments of the Vienna Airport Group at institutional investor conferences and roadshows and takes part at events for retail shareholder.