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3rd runway

The 3rd runway is an important project for the future of Vienna Airport

The development of international air traffic expected in the long term could not be effectively managed with the current system of two intersecting runways - also in the interests of the neighbouring residents.
An additional runway ultimately also means fewer delays, less fuel consumption and noise by avoiding "holding patterns" of aircraft at peak times.

Administrative Court approves construction of 3rd runway - Vienna Airport welcomes decision

On 18 March 2019 the Administrative Court completed the environmental impact assessment for the planned third runway at Vienna Airport and granted the corresponding approval. Vienna Airport welcomes this decision, which secures long-term growth prospects and competitiveness for Vienna Airport and for Austria's economy, industry, tourism and labour market. The airport will now analyse the decision in detail and provide information on the next project steps soon.

Project 3rd runway approved by Federal Administrative Court

The Federal Administrative Court has approved the 3rd runway project in its new ruling. Flughafen Wien AG welcomes the now positive decision of the Federal Administrative Court for the 3rd runway.  This is a forward-looking step towards strengthening Austria as a business and tourism location and gives Vienna an attractive growth perspective as an aviation hub.

The press releases of the Federal Administrative Court and the airport in wording:

2-runway system at capacity

Vienna Airport makes a significant contribution to the positive economic development of the region. This should remain so in the future. For this purpose, a 3rd runway is needed at Vienna Airport. Currently, two runways are available for take-offs and landings, which cross each other in the extension. One and one do not add up to two runways, but - measured in terms of capacity - to 1.6 runways. The expected demand for international air traffic cannot be handled by the existing two-runway system. The resulting bottleneck endangers the further development of the site and the entire region.

Vienna International Airport as an economic engine

Around 20,000 people currently work at the airport, 96% of whom live in the provinces of Lower Austria, Burgenland and Vienna. In addition, there are more than 52,500 jobs indirectly related to Vienna Airport. Vienna Airport is the hub in the heart of Europe. This has very concrete advantages for the business location. International corporations choose Vienna as their Eastern European headquarters. Many domestic companies need the efficient connection to the global economy. This affects about 1,200 companies with a total of 600,000 employees and an extensive supplier structure - and the trend is rising. Airlines benefit from Vienna Airport's gateway function to Eastern Europe, as well as the Near and Middle East.

Development flattens out without 3rd runway

With a third runway, Vienna International Airport will be able to play in the European league in the future. The forecasts speak a clear language. With only two runways, the development curve would flatten out considerably - both in terms of passenger numbers and subsequently also in terms of employees. With a third runway, Vienna International Airport can strengthen its role as the region's economic engine for the future.

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