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Successful Viennese startup opens at the airport: “waterdrop®” makes water tasty to passengers
On 7 December 2022, the successful Viennese startup waterdrop® opened its doors in the Shopping Plaza of Terminal 2. The Austrian company wants to animate people to drink water on the basis of its “microdrinks.” The small, sugar-free drops contain natural essences enriched with vitamins and are available in various flavours which fit into every bottle opening. Conventional water thus turns into a sugar-free taste experience. The shop offers passengers a broad range of plastic-free drinking bottles and natural drops. In this way Vienna Airport is expanding its offering of domestic brands.
“With waterdrop® the airport has gained a prominent new addition. The young brand has managed to take the leap from a startup to a successful global company. Passengers have the possibility to take a quality product from Austria with them on their journeys from the new airport store. We are very pleased that this creative Austrian brand is represented here,” says Julian Jäger, Joint CEO and COO of Vienna Airport.
Something for every taste: a modern store with a colourful selection of products
The new waterdrop® store with a modern design is located in Terminal 2 in the Shopping Plaza behind the security checkpoints and is open daily from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Passengers can choose from a broad range of plastic-free drinking bottles, the popular microdrinks, microenergys, microteas and microlytes. The brand wants to animate people to drink water by using its products. The water bottles can be filled directly in the store and different natural flavours can be tried out. The drops contain high-quality, natural ingredients, are sugar-free and fit into the neck of every bottle or can be simply dissolved in the glass. All the drinking bottles which are offered are free of plastic and the edible products are packaged in an environmentally compatible way. The compact cubes and empty drinking bottles can be simply taken through every security checkpoint.
waterdrop®: from a Viennese startup to a successful international company
The Viennese startup waterdrop® was established in 2017 and is represented at numerous international locations today, including Austria, Germany, France, England, USA and Singapore. The company produces microdrinks from real fruit and plant extracts, enriched with key vitamins for greater enjoyment in drinking water. The compact drops can be prepared everywhere with water. The firm, which attaches great importance to an ecologically compatible footprint, was founded by three Austrian nationals, namely Martin Murray, Henry Murray and Christoph Hermann. For more information, refer to and
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